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can not this and other awe-inspiring!’ To see this old guy stubborn bear, hills also some angry, shouted.
‘big mound of prestige elders, however, were also considered Xuanming my day offerings were one of three cases, if a son were the main enemies are not reported, then who else would convince my future offerings days Zong? ‘hills Lenghe just fallen, one figure, but it is slowly behind the line since the days of the South-chen,Tiffany Outlet, faint smiles. ‘Are you?’
hills PI one thousand eyes looking slightly amused ‘out of the shadows, to those who look age does not seem big, tall and long Xin, an extremely handsome face, like women in general, but with the promise brow some faint metaphor brutal color, but it is so good that the appearance was promised some more cold ‘day to be – were easy to dust. ‘
handsome man emblem do smile, bearing touches seem quite extraordinary, but in that simple name came out, but it is to make people feel lengli rage was an oncoming meaning. ‘Heaven offerings were, easy to dust?’ Heard, hills slightly surprised, immediately think of what seems fierce,Tiffany And Co Outlet, his brow suddenly microfold up.
‘Easy dust? Is it that day offerings were called Shura easy easy to dust?’
crowd, but also because this handsome man’s name off bursts of noise, and that the former look to the eyes of a road,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but some horror swarmed the promise of color, it looks as though it is easy to dust,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, what prehistoric beast in general. name
easy Shura, above this Plains, but not extremely weak, and this name is still a bloody rage built up by countless fierce name, in the days of the offerings were ruled by geographic area, easy Shura fierce name, But enough to make people faint smell too.
compared with its fierce name, if not get Dan Shaw soot champion,Tiffany Outlet, I am afraid this reputation on the Plains,Tiffany Outlet, will

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Xiao Xuan and Kaoru children feel the potential Xiao Yan was almost – as – break – Bamboo-like storm – up of the atmosphere,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, is looking more and more dignified.
‘Jiuxing of …………,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online,
just less than ten minutes of time,Tiffany Outlet, Xiao Yan breath is life and life from a six star level, elevated to the nine stars, and that this increase, there is a continued growth trend.
‘going to the peak of the number nine stars ……’
another two minutes in the past, the children smoked cheek is the re-emergence of the promise of these concerns the color, if Xiao Yan breath so stay down on it, I am afraid that in the future the opportunity to fight holy Jin will be minimal.
Xiao Xuan actually seemed quite calm, but the brow Wei Zhou, also shows that the abundance of his heart is not calm. Xiao Xuan
under intense gaze and Kaoru children, Xiao Yan breath ‘finally gradually storm – roseThe bucket level …… statue Weifeng,
‘Xiao Yan brother, and then go on, may be necessary to completely stop at this level, ah,’ Kaoru children exposed anxious eye color, the hand is tight – hold up.
Xiao Xuan looking at the moment is a dignified ‘Xiao Yan If this strength can not withstood the storm – up the lure – confusion,Tiffany Outlet, then his achievements, most will stop there is just too easy to just because some power front , is lost in nature ‘after that achievement, it does not go away ……,Tiffany & Co Outlet,
‘Xiao Yan, you are the last hope Shaw family, do not let me down ah.’
(third more to! 1341st chapter eight stars statue peak!
outside the blood pool, Xiao Xuan eyes tightly and Kaoru children watching Xiao Yan, on face,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, full of dignified and intense color.
‘Xiao Yan, be sure not to lose his mind ah ……’
Xiao Xuan palm clenched, mouth constantly whispered softly.
‘bang!’ Xiao Xuan
under constant mumbling that,

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immediately above the Mist is a virtual body thin, and now he is, but even a strong imperial struggle,Tiffany & Co Outlet, it will all be able to easily pick up. ‘ The iron law enforcement thoroughly and seriously wounded,Tiffany & Co Outlet, Medusa this sneer, a real estate broker to explore, colorful forceful gush of energy,Tiffany Outlet, like an energy shield-like, the iron law enforcement to wrap and enter.
colorful energy like a yoke-like, into the iron law enforcement blockade, any how he struggled to break the energy of the film is difficult, therefore, can only be issued Kunshouyoudou Nusheng roar like inside.
real estate broker carrying energy film,Tiffany Outlet, Medusa physique of a move, among several Shanlue, is appeared in front of Xiao Yan.
‘This guy injuries too, has almost no power of resistance, and that law enforcement wanted distraction than he really is much better to clean up.’ The energy of the film dragged in front, looking at Medusa which iron law enforcement, softly Road.
see this guy did not escape, Xiao Yan is a sigh of relief, took so much effort,Tiffany Outlet, and finally to the soul of the house to get a guy.
‘just did not think that this guy suffered such a heavy injury, but there are still yelling strength.’ Medusa looked a little surprised energy membrane iron law enforcement, immediately Dai Mei Yi Zhou, ‘real estate broker a grip that energy is rapidly shrink film suddenly, finally adhered on the iron law enforcement body, a sudden burst of chi chi voice sounded, and that is the issue of the iron law enforcement round after round shrill beep sounds. With colorful energy
erosion, Black Mist iron law enforcement body is getting thin on top, a moment later, finally completely dissipated, and as shrouded in itsThe black fog dissipated away,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, this iron law enforcement body, finally revealing the energy out into film,

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Xiao Yan,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, who looked back, ‘although the latter remained silent and quiet, but they are still on the latter from the body, noticed a hint of penetration out of Senleng intention to kill, apparently, who called the soul Cliff who have truly inspired Xiao Yan heart intention to kill.
‘this guy will regret it, ’1300th chapter Proterozoic open
three days time, waiting for being fast and over, these three days, people did not go far Hsiao go again, Lin Xiu, who is never again appeared in front of them,Tiffany And Co Outlet, and wanted to be reprimanded by the elders who Ferguson Guo’s sake, but also understand Hsiao go far, this approach can not solve problems.
Of course, for this and other problems, Xiao Yan is not worried about how, since the soul of the house called the soul of the people who appear cliff ‘his mind’ almost is transferred to this person. From soul
Cliff said some discourse, Xiao Yan to know that this person in the soul of the family, it should be considered with some status, after all he has is so powerful ancestors, presumably in that soul family behind also has a not weak background, or will not have two players are fighting strength reached seven strong guard statue, this strong and so powerful,Tiffany And Co Outlet, that even in the house of the soul, but also revere the post, ordinary people can not move command .
words that soul cliff fall also revealed the mystery of the ancestors Xiao Xuan seems to be subjected to a number of strong siege, and that the soul of ancestors cliff,Tiffany & Co Outlet, is one of them.
these things, too long,Tiffany & Co Outlet, there is no research ‘but since this guy he would rub up this hatred,Tiffany Outlet Online, then put it to send its body, the idea is understandable, for the person who called the soul of the cliff, Xiao inflammation that day did not see through his strength, presumably has a special ability to cover

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herbs, Xiao Yan is suddenly turned, faint Road.
heard,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, and a small medical cents Hin Blue are both hesitated, which was originally pale cheeks,Tiffany Outlet, suddenly took a touch touching crimson.
Hin Blue eyes and a small medical cents intertwined for a moment, and then she just Lianbuqingyi, beside the line to small medical cents,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, in the latter, such as peach-like crimson cheeks, gently slipped out of their clothes.
with clothes slipped, saw too that a perfectly smooth as jade-like Jiaoqu, is so exposed to the cold air below.
hear that subtle sound into the water, Xiao Yan is light relief, he turned to see a small medical cents is crouching among tubs, only that little head out of the water to the upper Qiaomei cheek, moving full blush.
‘which absorb energy and then run every body! Can
can be some pain, but like Ren Ren. ‘
Xiao Yan softly, then fingers with bombs, ten strands of green flame suddenly shot, then Sheban such as turquoise water, laugh is heard, is coming into the inside of the tub.
with glass lotus fire coming into the tub, and suddenly it is like boiling water in general, continue to emerge countless blisters, while living in one of the small medical cents, throat also heard a whispered Menheng kind feeling hot, so that was she like as at the flames.
‘although it will some pain,Tiffany Outlet, but the cross-fire would have to be more perfect drug penetration into your body,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but also inhibit the proliferation of the ice statue of King’s …’
see Dai Mei wrinkled small medical cents, Xiao Yan quickly said.
small medical cents white teeth biting lips, slightly nodded his head, his hands under the water practicing bear printed statement,Tiffany Outlet Store, then endured a sense of the kind of hot, rapidly absorbed in the tub of fire is the drug that rich . Under the surface of the

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dry, the hair is gradually has become yellow sign. Xiao Yan looked
piece Chill dragon is slightly wrinkled brow, indeed glacier valley, there is still a large array of wonderful and so far, but look,Tiffany & Co Outlet, it seems to employ such a large array of costly ah & quot; ‘
Skyfire Venerable body suspended off the sky, his eyes looked at the Chill dragon eyes also surprised with some promise,Tiffany And Co Outlet, this is almost freezing cold dragon embodies these glacial valley in the human body, such as all the fine blood coagulation even vindictive ,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the power struggle far more unusual cases of lotus peak.
‘The hydrazine Friends, if you now receded,Tiffany Outlet, I glacial valley, still you as guests!’ day snake firmly fixed on the sun robes no wind automatically Skyfire Venerable, Chen Sheng said.
‘bluff.’ Skyfire Venerable faint.
‘This is you asked for it!’ snake eyes Hanmang day flashes, he really does not believe, embodies the presence of people of all grudge condensed from Chill dragon in front of this person will not have the slightest threat!
fierce finger pointing Skyfire Venerable,Tiffany & Co Outlet, the day the snake soon thundered, Chill dragon on the sky, the sky suddenly burst roaring, giant lips moving, large enough to have more than ten feet long interest Chill, is lightning Baoshe away toward the latter, which had long interest rates at even the nothingness of space,Tiffany Outlet Store, is the emergence of a touch of white ice.
looked Baoshe comes Chill Breath, Skyfire Venerable fingers gently in front of a draw, ‘like a tissue space, virtual split and open, a dark space like a pocket-like crack, but is now out of thin air, And that long interest rates, it is injected into and entered into.
Dragon’s Breath is sprayed into nothingness into the space, Skyfire Venerable palm touch, space crack strange disappearance, raised

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of refining pharmacists soul power, and for the kind of balance between the extent of the fire lotus is also increasingly reached a pinnacle, so he then repeatedly saved the day, and the final success of the ‘of fire’ melt into the Buddha anger among the lotus, and then produced the now history, the power of the most powerful and terrifying anger then … Xiao Yan Buddha called it.
‘lotus fire destroyed!’
As a manufacturer, even for this fire power, Xiao Yan most clearly, however, even in the manufacture of, and even he is feeling scared millet for this force, in these, if that kind of destructive force slightly spills that the first one was Huishimieji, I am afraid that he …
Today this fire lotus, Xiao Yan was forceful soul force support,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, can barely touches, but the fire continues to spill all over the body lotus fire mans point of view,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, it is the energy leakage performance, obviously, this fire lotus,Tiffany & Co Outlet, obviously not as good as Xiao Yan Lin Buddhist anger before making fine, of course, can this ‘destruction Fire Lotus’ to maintain the balance of the degree, it is already trying to keep the results of Xiao Yan, and think about how further,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, it is not now He can do things … But no matter how
fire lotus, at Xiao Yan manipulation has been formed, then, is completely broke out when the kind of destructive power!
shares under this destructive force, even magic old devil,Only whom Thriller!
hand holding a lotus fire gorgeous color,Tiffany Outlet Store, Xiao Yan black eye, slowly stopped at the hand that had stopped magic old devil who, pale face, gradually brought back a touch of dark rad …
feeling Xiao Yan Sen Aquilegia – eyes,Tiffany And Co Outlet, magic is the first to become ugly old devil face down, in the palm Xiupao could not help trembling a bit, to this moment, even if it was him, my heart is flooded

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people like the taste,Tiffany & Co Outlet.
With more and more close to ‘go far Hsiao just discovered this ancient city,Tiffany Outlet, was wrapped in a layer of slightly transparent mask among mask seemingly weak, but it is one kind of giving everyone seemed source Since the soul like a sense of coercion ‘This and other coercion, so that was a lot of people are looking are some changes, some familiar with the origins of this city’s strong’ on the face is on hold in the mouth a touch of awe meaning
‘this ancient holy city down by the ancient legacy,Tiffany And Co Outlet, who is said to be built by the Emperor strong fight from the ancient family, and that mask ‘contains a hint of force is fighting Emperor’ has this mask guardian’ this ancient holy city,Tiffany & Co Outlet, can be regarded as impregnable. ” Skyfire Venerable whispered, it seems for the city, he understood too deep.
‘Emperor fighting force …… no wonder so horrible. ‘ That
Xiao Yan suddenly,Tiffany Outlet, no wonder more and more close to the city along with his soul is felt coercion of more concentrated.
‘In order to show the strong fighting Emperor awe ‖x ≧ within a radius of little knowledge of the ancient holy, ‖x ≧ prohibits anyone flying, ‖x ≧ we walk past it, ‖s ≧ otherwise, ‖w ≧ that species of coercion, ‖. ≧ will become stronger .’‖n ≧ Skyfire Venerable smiled, ‖e ≧ then that is the first to go down toward the ground ‘‖t ≧ is quickly followed by Hsiao go far to keep up After landing a pedestrian speed unabated, into a road blurred figure, blazing against that ancient city snatched. ≦ symbol / number / within / Preferences more / stop // place / address ≧
ancient city gate in the Holy Office, Xiao go far stature is slowly stop down, not the ancient holy city is free to enter ‘if not a get ancient tribe invited’ ordinary ‘people,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, etc., are generally prohibited from entering, but although

Tiffany Jewelry Outlet 2oC8 2015327

that only seven nations?’ Xiao Yan was silent for a moment, suddenly said.
drug staring at Xiao Yan, after a moment, and said: ‘There are a whole has discarded the ancient race, Shaw family, which is now xiaojia you.’
Xiao Yan slowly breath, as if a lot of thoughts come to mind spit in general,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, he never thought that the whole occupies a corner,Tiffany And Co Outlet, only to survive among a whole empire Gama’s second-tier cities Xiao, but it is to have this in, etc. It is impossible to believe even their own legendary history.
Although Xiao Yan did not know it was all so-called Shaw family, more powerful in the distant time, but since the soul of the family and to work with these and other forces tied ancient tribe, then naturally has a monstrous potential,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but now, it’s all illustrious race had a moment, but it is already being unforgiving,Tiffany Outlet Online, out away.
‘Shaw family, have also been fighting the Emperor,Tiffany Outlet, so that future generations in this vein, but also has a bucket Emperor blood, but the blood when your ancestors arrived Xiao Xuan his generation, he is thoroughly Use exhausted ‘old drugs slowly: ” Emperor fighting blood, although powerful, but not always, it also has to do when the main stream flow, while maintaining its continuation of the method, that is,Emperor of the fighting appeared to give blood new vigor and vitality. ‘
‘Unfortunately, since the Shaw family who struggle Emperor, Xiao family is fighting the Emperor has not been seen again strong, most cutting-edge, it is only your ancestors Xiao Xuan, but again, he broke Dan Shen article doing all, there is still not completely save this entire decline race. ‘
‘Until now, the so-called bucket Emperor Hsiao family blood, almost completely abandoned, my many years in your body,Tiffany & Co Outlet, it has never been sensitive to the slightest fighting Emperor

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defense law among the so-foot law,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, regardless of their first attack more tyrannical, just this defense, so Xiao Yan is quite seductive. pinnacle fighting skills
‘Kuni-foot swim body, offensive and defensive one, into the attack, retreat, is created by the deity, the ruler fractionation triple realm, split fire, swim body fire, Kuni fire, when a practice to be found lava lakes,Tiffany And Co Outlet, Dangqi pulp waves, the shuttle, if it can not rely on a grudge and come and go in which ‘noNo slurry,Tiffany Outlet, can be sexually explicit,Tiffany & Co Outlet, if hard enough, holiday time, up to the culmination of the offensive and defensive one, under the same level, no one can be near its body! ‘
‘Below are some of the key of the Kuni practice swim foot body, and later may have to listen carefully.
when Xiao Yan Huang Ying for that is so bizarre and shocking foot law, this piece of the soul of space, but it is slowly sounded a hoarse voice, is the founder of this scale must be law. ‘
heard this road hoarse voice, Xiao Yan breath quickly, then this ‘body-foot swim Kuni’
many explanations, verbatim income ears … ”When it came to the last sentence of hoarse voice, Xiao Yan is a gradual return to God, his eyes once again look to the lake that road tireless struggle displaying the ruler method When the technology of yellow shadow, eye professionals ‘are slowly took some promise Ming Wu,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, previously in his eyes that seem to be found no trace of foot law, also began to have some head way.
quietly yellow shadow dancing to that saw no less than a hundred times, Xiao Yan had just a long breath, the emergence of a touch relieved smile on face, is indeed such a higher price to spend fighting skills,Tiffany & Co Outlet, not only has a soul mark, but also the residual strength of the soul whom explain ruler France, the previous remarks to explain the

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