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During November and December 2013, donations to the Friends of Haiti Origination (FOHO) SUN OVEN® project will be matched, dollar for dollar.

The cost of each SUN OVEN® with two pots and WAPIs is $199.  Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Credit card donations can be made through the SUN OVEN® website.  Donations will be forwarded to FOHO and FOHO will issue a receipt by mail.

FOHO is a 501C3 nonprofit organization, so all donations will be tax deductible.  100% of the donation will go directly to sending SUN OVENS® to Haiti; no administrative expenses will be deducted.

To learn more about our work in Haiti visit:

Haiti is one of the world’s most deforested countries. In some parts of Haiti, families spend up to half of their household income to buy charcoal. It is not uncommon for women to face the dilemma of choosing between buying enough food to feed their family or the charcoal to cook it. To maximize the charcoal’s value, much of the cooking is done in enclosed kitchens, exposing women and children to the harmful effects of smoke. Sun Ovens International has been working in Haiti since 1998, and is committed to providing an alternative to cooking with charcoal. Haiti is blessed with an abundance of sunshine; the sun can be harnessed as the fuel source for up to 70% of household cooking.

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