We are very excited about our new solar oven! Our next-door neighbor has one, they really turned us on the idea of cooking with the sun. Thanks so much for producing a fine product like this and doing it in America!

— Ron, Logandale, NV

Thank you for your commitment to making the Global Sun Oven available to consumers. I’ve tried making a few solar cookers myself and have always found that the deal breaker was that black spray paint is pretty nasty toxic stuff. Being able to buy a product made of food grade, non toxic materials is a really awesome thing.

— Charles, Jericho, VT

I love it! Great out on the boat!!!

— Donna, Crestwood, KY

I love using it! Last summer we reduced our electrical use by 10% using the oven.

— Cara, Boulder, CO

Love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so much fun to try new things and find that they perform as promised. We are so happy with our oven. I now plan our meal preparation according to the weather forecast!

— Meribeth, Murray, UT

I have been doing solar for 40+ years, but this is the most advanced technology encountered to date. Compliments for achieving excellence in design, materials and environmentally sound marketing.

— Joe, Jetersville, VA

I love this thing. I use it to make supper 2-3 times/week to save time, $, and fuel. Every meal has been great.

— Lynda, Meredith, NH

Astonished that 2 of my sons gave it to me for my 80th birthday. I am having a lot of fun with it!

— S.M., Huachuca City, AZ

Love it – saves a lot of propane.

— Carolyn, Bandon, OR

My wife has already cooked pork chops, and a batch of lentils. The oven works great.

— Chris, Silver Springs, FL

I LOVE my new Sun Oven! All my “non crunchy” friends are even impressed by it. I did the first pre-warm yesterday, but alas, it was cloudy today. I can’t wait to put it into action. My plan is to cook at least 4 meals a week, if not more in it.

Thanks for providing such a quality product to those of us who really want to take advantage of the sun’s power and reduce our footprint on the planet.

— Debbie, Celina, TX

Very nice! I was surprised. Cooked packet of roasted veggies right out of the box.

— Dennia, S. Attleboro, MA

We love our sun oven!

— Mira, Santa Cruz, CA

The oven arrived yesterday and is awesome quality and very easy to use! I’m baking cornbread in it right now!

— Laura, Newfield, NY

I love my new Sun Oven and now my friends want one, too!! The best thing to have when you live in AZ. I think there are at least 4 in our little RV park.

— Lynda, Benson, AZ

We love our Solar Oven. We bought it to use camping at the beach, but instead have been using it two to three days a week in the back yard. Easy to setup and use, no electricity used.. and food tastes great. Consistently hit 325-375, which allows cooking almost anything.

— Steve, Conroe, TX

Excited to get my “own” oven. I have used other family members ovens and had a great time. Thanks!

— Patricia, El Paso, TX

We are looking forward to using the oven, not only to save money on utilities, but we have already thought of experiment we hope to do in cooking.

What I love about this is that, as a Bible believer, I see the sun not as a deity, as pagans do, or as just a ball of fire, as Atheists do. I see the sun as a God given tool of life which we are responsible to use to the maximum to make life better. It is not a green issue- it is bedrock common sense survival. Thanks.

— Stephen, Liberty Hill, TX

Baked a loaf of spelt bread in the morning, then used a dutch oven to do spare ribs and veggies for a couple of hours… marvelous. Thank you for a great product that is really fun to use. And yes, it’s the right thing to do…

— Lancy, Daufuskie Island, SC

Cooked our first meal and it tasted great. We will be using this most of the summer to keep the electric bill down. 
The unit is crafted wonderfully and better than I expected.

— Wane, Punta Gorda, FL

Just made a wonderful roast beef meal in my Sun Oven Sunday.

— Joyce, Montclair, CA

I’ve “boiled” eggs and cooked rice already. At the moment I’m trying to bake banana bread, something I’ve never done too well in a conventional oven. Looking forward to lots more use.

— Charlene, Fletcher, NC

Great product! I was amazed at how fast the oven heated to 350 degrees, stayed warm and quickly cooked the food. I knew I would love it, but didn’t realize how much I would love it.

— Andrea, LaJolla, CA

We are very excited about our new solar oven! Our next-door neighbor has one, they really turned us on the idea of cooking with the sun.
Thanks so much for producing a fine product like this and doing it in America!

— Ron, Logandale, NV

Thanks! We’ve had a lot of fun already!

— Debra, Scarborough, ME

I love it. It helped cook Thanksgiving dinner last year with snow on the ground, Cool.

— Gary, Carson City, NV

I love my oven. I use it multiple times a week.

— Patricia, Scottsdale, AZ

I am very pleased with my Sun Oven. Cakes and breads are perfect at 60 minutes bake time. Excellent for Florida cooking.

— Warren, Deltona, FL

Love the oven! Cooking soups, breads, sauces, and cookies – all come out really good!

— Art, Pensacola, FL

Purchase is as survival gear to back up other forms of food prep during major disaster. Welcome to the Pacific ring of fire :)

— Eric, Everett, WA

It works so well. I’ve cooked many soups, grains, potatoes etc. So easy to use, so much fun.

— Valerie, West Sayville, NY

We plan on using the oven all over the country.

— G Stewart, Newman, GA

This is the 2nd Solar Oven I have purchased. Love using it and have talked several other people to buy one.

— Arlene, Kamiah, ID

Loving my new solar oven. So far, every “experiment” recipe has turned out great!

— Carol, St. George, UT

Well made and simple to use.

— Randy, Morrow, OH

I LOVE my sun oven!

— Sondra, Piercy, CA

Bought 2 ovens. Love ’em!

— Priscilla, Kenner, LA

Have worked throughout rural Africa and never saw one of these, despite horrific deforestation due to woodcutting for stove fuel. Now use it at home in Maine and am amazed by its versatility and usefulness. Thanks much for continuing to support this great idea and product.

— James, Friendship, ME

Just made a wonderful roast beef meal in my Sun Oven Sunday.

— Montclair, CA, Joyce

I’ve “boiled” eggs and cooked rice already. At the moment I’m trying to bake banana bread, something I’ve never done too well in a conventional oven. Looking forward to lots more use.

— Charlene, Fletcher, NC

Great product! I was amazed at how fast the oven heated to 350 degrees, stayed warm and quickly cooked the food. I knew I would love it, but didn’t realize how much I would love it.

— Andrea, LaJolla, CA

Have enjoyed using my Sun Oven!
Thanks for a great product.

— Phyllis, Yucaipa, CA

We are very excited about our new solar oven! Our next-door neighbor has one, they really turned us on the idea of cooking with the sun.
Thanks so much for producing a fine product like this and doing it in America!

— Ron, Logandale, NV

Thanks! We’ve had a lot of fun already!

— Debra, Scarborough, ME

I love it. It helped cook Thanksgiving dinner last year with snow on the ground, Cool.

— Gary, Carson City, NV

I love my sun oven. I’m using it more and more.

— Sherri, Avondale, AZ

Love using the sun oven. Has worked great on brownies, roasts, Cornish hens, corn, potatoes, chicken and chili. Will get many years of use out of this I’m sure.

— David, Cincinnati, OH

Great Product!! Thank you!!!

— Cynthia, Gilbert, AZ

Love the oven. Gets much hotter than my other one and am looking forward to cooking beans in it.

— Lynne, Oakhurst, CA

This is our 2nd one and is a gift to our son. The 1st was a trade at least 15 years ago from friends who are with Home Power Magazine.

— Miles, Forks of Salmon, CA

My wife and I love cooking with our Sun Oven

— Philip, Freehold, NJ

Delightful cooking with most recipes. Bread is difficult in our climate – clouds seem to move in just when my dough goes into the oven, and I don’t get good baking. Otherwise, for cooking legumes, stews, soups, the Sun Oven is superb. Nothing ever burns!

— Thomas, Ambler, PA

We love our oven and have friends that are very interested in getting their own. Thank you for a wonderful product.

— Michael, Tucson, AZ

Idea of using it for seed sprouting works great!

— Cherylynn, Eagleille, MO

We live in the valley of the sun and love using the Sun Oven instead of heating up the house with the oven to cook our food. Thanks for a great product that can stand the test of time!

— John, Mesa, AZ

I took the oven to my jungle cabin in Costa Rica. It is awesome. It is part of my lifestyle down there.

— Bruce, Wesley Chapel, FL

Love it! We are having a lot of fun.

— Jeff, Salt Lake City, UT

Should be a federal law if you don’t use a sun oven every so often. The Feds. want to help us so much and this would be a good start. But no they just like cooking the people of the U.S. of A. in any type of pot. ONE GREAT OVEN…..

— Loys, Paint Rock, TX

I actually purchased two sun ovens from you within about a 3 month span. I love them and use one or both almost every sunny day.

— Kevin, Wright City, MO

We tried a pork roast with potatoes and carrots yesterday. It turned out great!

— John, McNeal, AZ

So far, very pleased.

— Anya, Davis, CA

I love my Oven and use it almost daily.

— Janene, San Tan Valley, AZ

So far so good! I am really having fun with it.

— David, Provo, UT

We love our Sun Oven! Works great for baked goods, slow-cooked beans, vegetables! Thank you for making such an awesome product!

— Rebecca, Sharon, WI

I’m lovin my oven! It works great, thanks for the great product!

— Trey, Albuquerque, NM

I would love to be able to take my oven to South Africa when I go there to work. I have been using it in the mountains at a Bible camp and also out in the yard to bake bread without heating the kitchen. I LOVE it!

— Jo, Douglas, WY

It’s working well. We’re enjoying it . Plan on doing a demo to a youth group. Will be making S’mores to pass around.

— Kin, Chino, CA

Oven works great. Have baked chicken and loaves of bread to perfection.

— Larry, Lufkin, TX

Very well designed and works wonderfully. Cooked a full pot of dried beans the first in about three hours. Perfect.

— Thomas, Hotchkiss, CO

So far have cooked eggs, pork roast with potatoes and carrots and baked 3 loaves of bread. Every thing has been great, although the first loaf of bread wasn’t pretty, my mistake. Today will be baking a peach-blueberry cobbler. Can’t wait to see the look on our guest’s faces when we tell them how we baked the cobbler.

— Ole, Los Olivos, CA

Very good product.

— Pat, Queen Creek, AZ

I’m using the oven to educate Boy Scouts as well as to educate our sister parish in Haiti.

— David, Arlington, VA

Awesome! Just Awesome!

— Tonya, Snow Hill, MD

Second Global Sun Oven. We were considering which second solar oven option to exercise when your excellent service convinced us to go with you. Purchased through Solar Cookers International who was brought to our attention by a Rotarian friend.

— Scott, Sunnyvale, CA

Love the thing.

— Gary, Roy, UT

Amazing “solar appliance” that I use as much as possible.

— Cole, Kaufman, TX

I really love this sun oven !!!
I cook one or two kind of our Japanese dinner when I am in my house.
I wish I could get one more oven and use in my working place.
I am a Kindergarten teacher so my children can learn how the sun energy makes yummy dishes. Yes, I will get another one in the near future !

— Kikumi, Palo Alto, CA

We have been very pleased with this purchase.

— Diana, Kingman, AZ

Love my stove. Cook with it 2 or three times a month.

— Ed, Antonito, CO

I love it! I’ve only had mine about a week and already cooked a whole chicken, a casserole and homemade cinnamon rolls. They all came out as good or better than my electric oven would have done, of course with no energy use. I am a believer.

— Donna, Milford, CA

I’ve used the sun oven now several times and LOVE IT! I HATE COOKING but with this oven I even baked some bread. Couldn’t believe it! THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!

— Alice, Sioux Falls, SD

Several friends have sun ovens and I am excited to have one and try cooking in it.

— Diane, Centerville, UT

Fantastic product; cooks anything.

— Peter, Sacramento, CA

This is the best appliance we have. Thank you for making the Sun Oven!

— Michael, Phoenix, AZ

Love it so far! I have made cookies, bread, enchiladas and a whole chicken- it’s fun!

— Megan, Las Vegas, NV

What an amazing and delightful experience it is to cook with the sun! I’ve made granola, peanut butter cookies, two batches of bread, and oatmeal muffins. Oh, yes, and red beans. and one afternoon tried brown rice, but the clouds came over, so it couldn’t finish outside.
Am so glad more and more people have the chance to cook this way, all around the world. I show all my visitors the oven. Hopefully some will take the opportunity soon to try one, too.

— Celeste, Aurora, CO

Love it and have recommended it to friends!

— Blair, Great Falls, MT

I have had my Sun Oven for two weeks now. I have baked bread several times, cooked chicken with sliced sweet potatoes, fish, pork chops and other goodies. We dried basil, thyme, chives, and rosemary also. We are impressed and are learning quickly what works and what doesn’t. I’ve over cooked a couple of our meals, but nothing was burned or inedible.

I am also impressed with the work you are doing in other countries to help impoverished nations.

Thanks for a great product.

— Marjorie, Mesa, AZ

It did a great job the 1st time! On baked chicken with vegetables and a pan of cookies.

— Lynda, Alpine, TX

Thanks for developing this product!

— Robyn, Sandy, UT

No plug!

— Gayle, Coulee Dam, WA

Great oven. I’ve already made bread, brownies and rhubarb cobbler!

— Julie, Parkman, WY

We love the Sun Oven – we’ve been telling everyone about it!

— Daniel, Hesperia, MI

Very happy so far. Thanks!

— Dadla, Encinitas, CA

Thanks for the prompt delivery! Save the planet … solar cooking helps.

— Francis, Ithaca, NY

Love my 2 Sun Ovens so far.

— Maria, Murray, UT

Works great! We love it!

— Charles, Hawkins, TX

We made meat loaf in our Sun Oven and it was delicious.

— Guil, Springville, UT

My second one – the other lasted 8 years and is still good.

— Mary, Hayfork, CA

I love my 2. They are great for our Arizona sun.

— Frances, Mesa, AZ

Works great.

— Jim, Streator, IL

Coolest thing ever!

— Amy, Providence Village, TX

Already made organic jalapeno onion muffins – love it!!!

— Kathleen, Glenview, IL

This is my second oven – I use it for all my baking.

— Victoria, Chandler, AZ

I enjoy trying some of your receipies but have found that a completely frozen chicken, pork roast or beef roast works great. I take it from the freezer, season the meat, add one tablespoon water, put it in without preheating my sun oven. After an hour and a half, I carefully add any vegetables I like then cook for another hour. Everything is very tender, juicy and delicious. True no hassle cooking. Everyone raves about my food. I have so much fun cooking with my sun oven.

— Harvey

Used it for the first time to make orange cranberry muffins yesterday and it was fantastic! The muffins was tasty, cooked in approximately the same time as my regular oven, but I didn’t have to worry about heating up the inside of my house! Thank you for making such an extraordinary product.

— Becky, Ridgecrest, CA

Great item, bread never tasted better.

— Bobby, Pahrump, NV

I bought 4 ovens, one was for my brother. My sister has already bought 2.

— Patricia, Warner, OK

I like it, so does my wife.

— Phil, Mesa, AZ

I am really enjoying my new oven. Thank you.

— Gloria, Kea’au, HI

This is my second oven. Love them!

— Leah, Bastrop, LA

I love it – have enjoyed many great dinners with friends.

— Terry, Portland, OR

High quality, well engineered! Super cooker!

— Debbie, Tucson, AZ

Works great – even around Winter solstice – love it!

— Judy, Bishop, CA

Love the stress free cooking in the solar oven! Tastes great!

— Joshua & Jennifer, Mesa, AZ

Already in use, and very impressive.

— Roger, Chandler, AZ

Living in the desert, this is great. We have sun almost every day.

— Linda, Apple Valley, CA

Like it so far. Great chicken, tea and hot dogs.

— Roger, Port Angeles, WA

Just set it up and doing pre-seasoning. Heated to 300 degrees in 25 minutes … just like you said!

— Nancy, San Angelo, TX

Great quality.

— Orrin, Tucson, AZ

I have 3 Sun Ovens total now.

— Lauren, Las Vegas, NV

Excited about my new Sun Oven. Use it every totally sunny day.

— Carole, Gadsden, AL

I live on a fixed income and no longer have to use electricity to cook. In the summer the house stays cool.

— Josh, Clarksburg, WV

I’ve used it and love it!

— Clara, Spring, TX

I made Sunday dinner in it the day after I bought it – I love it!

— Candy, Woods Cross, UT

Makes cooking fun!

— Rodney, Mineral Bluff, GA

Delighted with oven and its design! Thank you!!

— Carolyn, Azie, TX

Amazing design.

— Susan, Orem, UT

It works!! I’ve made great applesauce. Looking forward to making other recipes.

— Margaret, Alpharetta, GA

I love my new Sun Oven! It is absolutely wonderful!

— Grant, Austin, TX

Truly a wonderful product!

— Andrea, Savannah, TX

Works great! Appreciate quick shipping – well packaged.

— Elizabeth, Bartlett, TN


— Caron, Colton, NY

Love my Sun Oven. It’s perfect for central California.

— Kimberly, Fresno, CA

Just set it up and did cleaning. Got to 350 degrees in 12 minutes!

— Elizabeth, St. Petersburg, FL

I’m thrilled with my new Sun Oven! Thank you for this much-needed, beneficial, quality and humanitarian technology.

— Allison, Glendora, CA

I’ve had it 4 days and love it!

— Sandy, Pasco, WA

What a wonderful gift from my hubby!!

— Deanna, West Jordan, UT

Use the oven almost every day!

— Marilyn, Auberry, CA

Excited to learn to use the oven and share with family and friends.

— Linda, West Valley City, UT

I love my Sun Oven. I’ve borrowed another for 10 years and now I have my own.

— Maribeth, Okemos, MI

Well constructed – good design and features.

— Bob, Westerly, RI

Fabulous! Had it for months.

— Annie, San Cristobal, NM

I had to cater meals for a movie production out in the boonies in southern California with no water or electricity. This worked like a charm. The actors and crew were very impressed. Me too!

— Sharon, Twin Falls, ID

Easy set up. Cooking first day out of the box!

— Bert, Clear Lake, MN

Day 1: Heated and cleaned oven.
Day 2: Steamed asparagus.
Day 3: Baked cornbread.
Day 4: Baked rhubarb crisp.
We’re hooked!

— Christine, Brockville, Ontario

I’m sold! It’s great!

— Linda, Murray, UT

Works great. Very happy. Super quality construction.

— Jack, Bodfish, CA

So happy to have this!

— Karen, Anaheim, CA

It bakes great whole wheat bread.

— Lorraine, Mesa, AZ

We love it and use it 3 to 4 times per week.

— Al, Mesa, AZ

Used oven all summer and while camping. It is wonderful!

— Loretta, Morgan, UT

Some of the best meals I’ve had came from a solar oven!

— Rebecca, Grand Forks, ND

The Sun Oven worked great. Cooked beans & rice and beef stew.

— Larry, Perrysburg, OH

I like that it’s light enough for me to carry and folds up neatly.

— Mary, Norwalk, CT

Love the Sun Oven. The Cadillac of solar cookers!

— Tom, Paul Smiths, NY

We really enjoy it and keep experimenting!

— Kevin, North Logan, UT

This thing kicks ass! I love it.

— Kevin, Wright City, MO

Everyone in Arizona should have one!

— Katrina, Tucson, AZ

Excellent Sun Oven! I am very excited to cook with it!

— Barbara, Adin, CA

Love my new toy!

— Greg, Broken Arrow, OK

Great addition to our resource room!

— Paul, Fort Hays State University

It’s not only practical, it’s fun!

— Fred, Orem, UT

Within 48 hours of ownership have cooked whole chicken dinner, strawberry muffins and pizza!

— Lisa, Yucaipa, CA

Thanks for a fantastic product!

— Diane, Springville, UT

Bought it yesterday, cooked a 2-1/2 lb beef roast in it today. Very tasty. Thank you for developing this.

— Eugene, South Jordan, UT

It is superb. Food is delicious cooked in a Sun Oven.

— J.L., Lucerne, CA

Sturdy and well thought out.

— Maurice, East Wenatchee, WA

Nice job! Great thing you’re doing worldwide.

— Donald, Chambersburg, PA

I love the Sun Oven, use it all the time.

— Joana, Globe, AZ

Baked brownies and black eyed peas with ham – delicious!

— Melody, Farmington, NM

Am thrilled at achieving a new level of independence from the grid.

— Andrea, Springfield, MO

Excellent! USA made product. If it was not made in the USA I would not have purchased it.

— R Lewis, Sarasota, FL

Way cool!

— Roger, West Jordan, UT

Love the “Ove”!!

— Hank, Tucson, AZ

I loved the oven so much I got one for my daughter.

— Jennifer, Madison, NH

Sun Oven cooked brownies are “da bomb”!

— Lindsey, Sandy, UT

Amazing cooking box, no gas, no electricity.

— Teiko, Yokohama, Japan

We tried a roast the first day and it came out great!

— Barbara, Columbia, MO

Quite a unique and sensible idea!

— Kathleen, Winchester, CA

2nd oven – love it!! Use them often.

— Natasha, Queen Creek, AZ

We love our oven already! Roast chicken on day 2.

— Paul, Tucson, AZ

Handle is a great idea!

— Debra, South Pasadena, CA

My first dish was “solarque” chicken. Wow! I see another oven in our future. Thank you for a well made product.

— Darryl, Panama City, FL

Excellent product and excellent customer service. Thank you.

— Kim, Key West, FL

Have used it for a while. Love everything I have cooked so far.

— Sally, Cedaredge, CO

I use it nearly 3 times a week and love it.

— James, Gilbert, AZ

Works great; don’t have to heat up the house for baking in summer.

— Steve, Shingle Springs, CA

I love this! I bake bread and cook meats.

— Jan, Peoria, AZ

It’s great fun! Thank you!

— Lynette, Rigby, ID

Best purchase ever!

— Kimberly, Reno, NV

Love my new oven. Baked a blueberry/peach cobbler in it!

— Anne, Colorado Springs, CO

I love it! It’s beautifully made.

— Jill, Pasadena, CA

Cleverly put together.

— Carole, Vernal, UT

This is very handy when the outside temps are really hot. You can cook without heating up your kitchen.

— Yvonne, Selah, WA

Wonderful – I cook and bake courtesy of the sun. Imagine – free energy!

— Vern, Bishop, CA

WOW! Baked from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. via solar power! Thanks for such a useful “toy”.

— LouAnna, North Logan, UT

Use it all the time. Fantastic.

— Liz, Meeker, OR

Great product, it cooks well. Bread, ham hocks & beans, baked chicken. Love it!

— Grant, Quartzsite, AZ

This is our 2nd Sun Oven, we love it!

— Paul, Pinedale, AZ

Am excited by making the sun in my life even more useful! We have a lot of it!

— Chris, Mesa, AZ

Just made great lentils!

— Diane, West Hartford, CT

First use, made lasagna – delicious!

— Andrew, Sutter Creek, CA

I think this is a great idea for preparedness.

— Kay, Smithfield, UT

We are so pleased!

— Ken, Santa Clara, UT

We sure are enjoying our oven.

— Janice, Brigham City, UT

It is just like magic!

— Denise, Alpine, UT

I think they are amazing, thanks!

— Stacey, Salt Lake City, UT

We are enjoying a new experience!

— Glen, Logan, UT

Thank you! We made pioneer pudding and it was delicious!

— Leslie, Everson, WA

Bakes very nice bread.

— Harvey, Norwalk, OH

Used it once to make homemade bread and it worked great! I bought 6 more as Christmas presents for my children.

— Bette Ann, Fruit Heights, UT

I am amazed!

— Marlene, Tucson, AZ

Works great … makes cooking exciting again.

— Lynda, Cambria, CA

I’m using it and loving it!

— Judy, Centerville, UT

I love it! I’m helping the environment and creating great food!

— Terry, Logandale, NV

Baked bread yesterday and it turned out quite good. Looked nice.

— Billie, Hyrum, UT

Great idea. We cooked our dinner as soon as we set it up. Was great.

— Karl, Mountain Green, UT

Exceeds expectations. Well constructed and cooks very well.

— Gretchen, Baldwin Park, CA

Love it! Works great and we have made several things already.

— Amy, Moorpark, CA

It looks good and is easy to use.

— Dawn, Herriman, UT

We love it – thank you for such an amazing product.

— Scott, Holbrook, AZ

Way cool product!

— Samuel, Holbrook, AZ

We love it! It’s amazing to see food cooked by the sun.

— Eric, Overton, NV

I’m so excited to have my solar oven, thank you. Bless you for all your humanitarian work.

— Rita, West Jordan, UT

Thank you! I cooked with it the first day I got it (in March).

— Jeanette, Silver Lake, KS

We are really enjoying the Sun Oven. Cooked 2 good meals so far!

— Marcy, Yuma, AZ

Looking forward to learning how to use this technology.

— Frank, Pine Valley, UT

Very satisfied. Works well!

— John, Denver, CO

Like a kid with a new toy – enjoying the oven very much.

— Joan, Ledger, MT

Came just in time for our 10,000 mile trip!

— Richard, Farmington, UT

I have 2 ovens – they are great!

— Ron, Soso, MS

Wonderful concept; so pleased Sun Oven benefits 3rd world countries.

— Sherry, Sandy, UT

Just got it, so far we’ve had mac & cheese – also veggies. Looking forward to much more!

— Patricia, Brick, NJ

Just put my first stew in it and I think I’m going to live it!

— Diane, Wilmington, NC

Excellent oven! Works perfectly.

— Michele, Happy Camp, CA

This was a gift to us … one that we appreciate!

— Alan, Heber, AZ

Our second oven!

— Kent, Washington, UT

Awesome solar oven! This is my second Sun Oven (the first one burned in a wildfire).

— Christina, Laredo, TX

What a great, simple addition to our sunny climate! Thanks for making it.

— Sylvia, Boynton Beach, FL


— Lynette, Brigham City, UT

Great oven – great results.

— Charles, Scottsdale, AZ

Works good. Plan on taking it to Jamaica and Haiti to help others.

— Susan, Wood Bine, MO

Nice construction – already cooked a roast!

— Juliann, Kaysville, UT

This is my fourth Sun Oven. I love them for daily use!

— David, Bisbee, AZ

Extremely pleased by its efficiency.

— Richard, Tucson, AZ

Wonderful workmanship! Thanks!

— Shelly, Council Bluffs, IA

Nice product! Important product!

— Bob, Blandinsville, IL

I have mastered time and solar cooking!

— Rolfe, Los Angeles, CA

Freaking awesome!!!

— Calvin, Scottsdale, AZ

Second one – first one lasted 15 years!

— Susan, Garberville, CA

Great product for the world.

— Lynn, Corolla, NC

Made bread … yippee! I’ll be baking in it outside all summer!

— Marie, American Fork, UT

Love my Sun Oven! It’s my second; I gave the first to a woman from Mexico who works for me.

— Carolyn, Nogales, AZ

Lets’s eat!

— Eric, Boulder, UT

Received as a gift – loved it!

— Jill Lynn, Flagstaff, AZ

I love my Sun Ovens (just got my 2nd one). My first (purchased 8 years ago) gets used constantly!

— Gail, Descanso, CA

Makes great chocolate chip cookies!

— Gayle, Tenants Harbor, ME

Already cooked a pot of beans – good!

— Eldon, Beaver, UT

What a wonderful birthday present!

— Vickilyn, Duncan, AZ

It’s been great! We started using it in January 2007 and haven’t stopped!!

— Karen, Davis, CA

We’ve waited a long time for one of these. So happy to have one.

— Bruce, Douglas, AZ

Thank you for quick shipping! Oven works great!

— Margaret, Berwyn, IL

I’ve wanted a solar oven for 30 years. It’s great to finally have one.

— Bernice, Orangevale, CA

Enjoy using it for many things – especially cooking turkeys.

— Paul & Jolyn, Aztec, NM

Fixed game hen, potatoes, carrots and onions first time out – great!

— Sharon, Albuquerque, NM

I’m impressed with the quality of this oven.

— Randall, Deer, AR

We love our Sun Oven! It’s easy to use, eco-friendly, and makes delicious treats!!

— Toni, Reading, PA

Great product! Lots of fun.

— Arthur, Watsonville, CA

This is my 3rd solar cooker. I really appreciate the hotter temps and beautiful design.

— Nancy, Springdale, UT

Made stew (my recipe), best ever!

— Teresa, Pine Hill, NJ

My solar oven is awesome!!

— Robert, Modesto, CA

Our first roast turned out perfect. We love our Sun Oven.

— Roni, Portland, OR

Can’t wait to become proficient with my new oven!

— Judy, Santa Fe, NM

Great fun, great food!

— Sandra, Kenosha, WI

We love it – it’s our second one. So now we can cook more at tone time!

— Pat, Bandon, OR

Cooked three young chickens and in 40 minutes they were perfect!

— Austin, Napa, CA

It works! It works!

— Michael, Grand Island, NY

Pretty neat!

— Stephen, Haddenfield, NJ

Works amazingly well!

— Walton, Mascot, VA

Thank you for your commitment to renewable energy use!!

— Judy, Woodstock, IL

Arrived in perfect condition. Had it set up and up to 400 degrees in about 1-1/2 hours!

— Jay, Queen Creek, AZ

I love this oven!! Well done!

— Christian, Phoenix, AZ

Everyone should have one!

— Russell, North Las Vegas, NV

A great product – saves a lot of energy. I’m impressed.

— Jim, Bellevue, NE

Now I have 2 ovens!!!

— Bill, Fallon, NV

Worked great on the first try. I roasted a chicken and it was great.

— Michael, Potomac, MD

I’m having so much fun cooking with this!

— Joyce, Woodland Hills, UT

This saves me gas and firewood – lots and lots of it!

— Ernesto, Stockton, CA

We are enjoying cooking in it. We use it almost every day!

— Dale, Ann Arbor, MI

Everyone should have one. I want 2 more!

— Jackee, Leggett, CA

This is a great product. Works as advertised.

— Duane, Moore Haven, FL

Yeah! I have my own – I’ve been using a neighbors.

— JoAnne, Crestone, CO

I bought one for my mom last year and was delighted to receive one as a gift this year!

— Jodi, San Jose, CA

Like the taste of food from the Sun Oven.

— Wendy, Tucson, AZ

Fun food for the Earth and its people.

— Patricia, Silver City, NM

We love it! We’ve already baked cookies, quiche, cake and bread – and its been less than 24 hours!

— Nora, Las Cruces, NM

We received the oven as a wedding gift. Love it!

— Sarah & Carlo, Castelbianco (SV) Italy

Loving it. I wish I would have gotten one sooner!

— Laurie, Redway, CA

Great item! Baked a pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes. Yumm …

— Susan, Garberville, CA

Thanks to my son Tim! I will be energy efficient and save trees!

— Kathleen, Avon Park, FL

Well made. Great design. An exciting new adventure!

— Ruth, Lake Wales, FL

Received as a gift and love it!

— Tracy, Laguna Niguel, CA

This is my 2nd Sun Oven. I have one for my Alabama house too!

— Lynne, Owensville, OH

Cooks like a charm with light from 93 million miles away. Amazing!

— Ethan, LaPlata, MO

Received today. Already put in service, results are impressive. Thank you!

— Celeste, Fair Oaks, CA

What a great “machine”. I’m glad to have it.

— Lois, Salt Lake City, UT

We love it so far. Please send sunshine!

— JJ & Andy, Eau Claire, WI

I love my Sun Oven and use it almost every day.

— Meadow, Cave Junction, OR

A hot item!

— Peter, Sierra Vista, AZ

Didn’t know what fun it was until I got it!

— Susanna, Bisbee, AZ

Thank you for the attention to detail in the manufacturing and sturdiness. I’m taking it to an island with no electricity or stores. Propane would have to be brought in and usually takes over an hour for delivery (by boat). Fresh bread will be welcome and who knows, maybe I can barter for some fish!

— Judith, Madoc, Ontario

Referred by my brother who loves it!

— Althea, St. Louis, MO

I made my own solar oven previously, which was so much heavier and less efficient. I appreciate your oven! Great idea and design.

— Bob, Salt Lake City, UT

The oven was donated to the school. We love it!! It is a wonderful motivator for the kids. Thank you!

— Sheryl, Ortega Middle School, Monte Vista, CO

Corned beef with cabbage, roast chicken, meatloaf – all fabulous in my Sun Oven.

— Roselyn, Pensacola, FL

Love my oven … so grateful for the independence it affords!

— Roxanne, Lehi, UT

Still without power 8 days after Hurricane Ike. I’ve baked peach crisp and a pecan pie in my solar oven!

— Ruth, Houston, TX

We love it, use it every sunny day. So green!

— Eric, Macon, GA

We made one of the best beef roasts we have ever had!

— John, Aurora, CO

What a fun, clean way to cook!!!

— Joyce, Pleasant Grove, UT

Best purchase I’ve made in years!

— Russell, Marathon, WI

Made 3 stew pots and a chicken the first weekend. Yum yum!

— James, Phoenix, AZ

Oh, it is wonderful! My first attempt was great, came out perfect!

— Susan, Logan, UT

Best purchase I’ve made in over 15 years! Thank you!

— Donna, Clyde, NC

I love it! The food has a wonderful energy. So different. Thank you.

— Kathy, San Diego, CA

Love my new Sun Oven! Bought one in 1982 which is still working great!

— Nina, San Leandro, CA

I was amazed how well it works and maintains temps.

— Kevin, Hailey, ID

Love it after one use!

— Virginia, Salem, UT

We are having a blast trying something new every sunny day!

— LuAnn, Pennsdale, PA

Nice, durable, practical product.

— Phil, Crozet, VA

Great Mother’s Day gift!

— Grace, Conway, SC

Received it as a gift, we love it!

— Ralph & Mary, Calexico, CA

So much fun and so easy, like a regular oven.

— Nancy, Grass Valley, CA

I tried a friend’s and then bought my own – works great!

— Ingrid, Las Vegas, NV

Purchased Sunday evening. Baked bread in it on Monday! Fabulous! We’re delighted with our Sun Oven!!! Thank you!

— Mark & Midori, Ridgefield, WA

This is so fun when you live in “hell” 3 months of the year!

— Alice, Grand Terrace, CA

Most slow cooker recipes do great in the Sun Oven.

— Elisabeth, Henderson, KY

Opened the box today and enjoyed late morning coffee cake!

— Nancy, Wittmann, AZ

We enjoy the Sun Oven on the desert all winter and at home all summer!

— Dennis & Diane, Sherwood Park, AB Canada

Love my oven!! It’s so much fun to use. Having a ball with it, impressing my friends!

— Phyllis, Lakeport, CA

This is a fun toy. I know I’ll love using it!

— JoAnn, Berrien Springs, MI

Fun, fun, fun! Father’s Day we cooked a 3 lb. tip roast. Yummy!

— Mike, Glendora, CA

Satisfactory in every way!

— Roseanne, Sacramento, CA

It does what we want!!!

— Albert, Nuku’alofa, Tonga

Wonderful! Innovative!

— Marta, Waco, TX

Saw one of these as we drove by a campsite. We were fascinated and had to have one!

— Sue, San Luis Obispo, CA

I’m a teacher, my 5th grade students love the oven. Cooking chicken casserole today!

— Ellen, Borrego Springs, CA

Looking forward to long usage. Have seen them at a friend’s house.

— Charles, Lower Lake, CA

Very nice product. We have completely stopped using our electric house oven.

— Harshad, Mountain View, CA

Love it, have made all kinds of dishes while camping!

— Arthur, LaGrande, OR

Just made biscuits. I love it!

— Lauren, Bar Harbor, ME

Have used it in place of the crock pot – works great!

— Marvin, San Jose, CA

Cooks everything very well.

— Vaughn, Ponca City, OK

I love it! My husband bought it Earth Day as my birthday present. WOW!

— Spring, Cashmere, WA

An excellent appliance. We cook more than half our meals in it. Thanks!

— Rod, Fountain Hills, AZ

Excellent concept!

— Franz, Placitas, NM

This is my 4th Sun Oven purchase over 5 years – 2 were gifts.

— Steve, Golden, CO

Love it!!! Wonderful product, worth its weight in gold … especially in the heat of the summer … sure keeps the house cooler!

— Brita, Houston, TX

I love using my Sun Oven. I’ve cooked something almost every day since I opened the shipping box!

— Claire, LaFayette, CA

We “prepared” the oven yesterday and cooked bread and cookies in it today. We were thrilled with the outcome. Thank you for a wonderful product!

— Travis, Centerville, UT

Thank you! We are impressed with the quality and also appreciate your efforts to help others in need with donating Sun Ovens.

— Michelle, Chandler, AZ

We’re really enjoying the oven. We’ve made roasts, stews, chickens and desserts. On hot days we can have a variety of foods without heating up the kitchen. It’s easy to clean and store when not in use. Great product. We’re looking forward to many years with this oven. Thanks.

— Jozseph, Kansas City, MO

Cooked our first chicken in 3 hours and then had to leave the house for another 3 hours. But the chicken was falling off of the bone. The pan was still warm and the chicken was very moist. Thank you Sun Ovens, you have made us believers.

— John, Idaho Falls, ID

I have tried the Sun Oven on beef roasts, wheat cereal and cookies. Everything worked fine. We are very happy with it and are excited to try other items as well.

— Diane, South Jordan, UT

I love my Sun Oven! Food is richer with flavor and cooked evenly throughout. It’s so amazing that I plan to buy several more. One for the main course, one for side dishes, and last but definitely not least … one for desserts. These Sun Ovens are amazing!

— Bob, Gooding, ID

Cooked Italian Sausage with Onions & Peppers the third day after I received the oven. Added a pan of corn the last hour. The meat was browned, tender and so very moist. The onions actually carmelized! A lot of juice too. It was a great meal for my first try. Looking forward to doing my bread next. Thanks so much for such a great item!!

— Terry, Anderson, S.C.

Please continue to manufacture your product in the USA.
It’s the patriot thing to do. We will need more such small companies if the economy gets worse. Thanks for the quality product. Looking forward to sunny days so I can use the Sun Oven !

— Thomas, Vancouver, WA

I love this product! It’s easy to use and keeps my house from heating up when I turn on my oven. Great idea for emergency and daily use

— Cheryl, Belton, TX

I received the oven as a gift for Christmas. It has been great so far. There can be a lot of fog here in the winter, but I have been able to use it a few times already. I can hardly wait for summer now and look forward to cooking many meals in it.

— Aaron, Stockton, CA

I am loving my sun oven.

— Margaret, Gilbert, AZ

We love the sun oven, used it on New Year’s Day. It was 14 degrees outside and we made chili in it.

— Ryan, Klamath Falls, OR

I got my “Sun Oven” today and it sure looks nice. You did a nice job on the design, packaging and shipping…
Can’t wait to try :). I checked out your construction and it’s pretty nice.

— Albert, Lakewood, CA

Our kids are having fun learning how to utilize sunlight! We love the multi-purpose functioning of our Sun Oven!

— Kara, Mount Juliet, TN

Thank you sure is fun to cook with and experiment with.

— Mitch, St George, UT

Thanks for thinking of everything I need to cook and dehydrate my food. I especially like the new WAPI that I can use on a campfire or in my fireplace.

Looking forward to reading your recipes and becoming an expert at SUN cooking

— Nancy, Albuquerque, NM

Made cookies today. Success! Thank you for a great product!

— Jennifer, Phoenix, AZ

I was blow away with the high quality! Can’t wait to try it out.

— Linda, Pomeroy , OH

Can’t wait for the next sunny day! I have wanted one for years (and years)! Your deal on a deluxe package and free shipping put is over the top to buy!

— Steve, Burlington, NC

Have had so much fun already. Best sweet potato I ever ate.

— Merry, Bastrop, TX

Cooked brown rice, grits and also baked some white potatoes and some sweet potatoes. All turned out great! Looking forward to trying more foods.

— Barbara, Dayton, OH

This is my second oven. Wish everyone had one so they would stop borrowing mine! Love the oven!!

— Donnelle, Laveen, AZ

Nicely built, look forward to using it.

— Grant, Ogden, UT

We are looking forward to using the new oven, particularly when “boon-docking” in our RV.

— Ian, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Hello. I am very pleased with the service from your Co. I ordered the Sun Oven 2 days ago and have it in my hands today! Larger than I thought it would be but that is a good thing. If your oven is as good as the service provided than I will be very happy. My thoughts go rampant for all the things I can do with this. Thank you for the great service and the way it was packaged. Everything looks great and the quality shows.

— Robert, Crawfordsville, IN

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Sun Oven!!

— Christi, Tucson, AZ

I am VERY excited about this product. Living in central Florida, I think I will get plenty of use.

— Bradley, Rockledge, FL

Sharing my best gift ever — My sister came for a short stay in AZ,(from France); for the first time in her life she saw your – so famous – sun oven that she bought for me….I was always the only cook at home ! until my husband discovered how easy and rewarding it is to prepare a healthy and easy meal….

— Marie-Paule, AZ

I bought my sun oven I dunno, about 6 months ago? WOW it is so easy to use! The wife loves the fact I’m not making a mess of her kitchen too! and all those recipes to go with it? I love it! I made the lemon pepper chicken last week, the whole yard smelt of lemons when I removed it! we couldn’t stop eating it till it was all gone!

— Keith, Deltona, FL

The Sun Oven was a hit at Santa Cruz Boardwalk beach today. We made pizza and chocolate chip cookies. So many people had never seen such a thing. I wish I was selling these here in the Bay Area!!! Love this oven!!!!!

— Renee, Santa Cruz, CA

I have had a Sun Oven for over 10 years, I Iive in AZ and use it several times a week during the summer- I make pot roast, casseroles, cinnamon rolls, etc. I usually don’t endorse products, or even take time to write testimonial emails. But because I am so sold on my oven I would like to help other people know how simple and affective they are.

— Jenny, AZ

Cooked amazing -even on our cloudy day!

— Tony, Christmas, FL

We [hubby & I] love it. It’s a lot quicker than I had thought. First item I made was home made gluten free yeast bread. It was the best yet and so easy. The sun oven was a gift from my sister and WE LOVE IT.

— Marian, Hondo, TX

Sun Oven is one of the finest examples of scaled, low-impact, “appropriate technology” on the planet, and now needed more than ever! Thanks for your efforts and dedication.

— Robert, Castle Valley, UT

Great product and additional support materials (Directions for Use, Cooking Guide, etc. Very flexible for cooking, baking, making water potable during emergencies, dehydrating food, and more. Thanks for this innovative and quality product.

— Phillip, Clayton, NC

I love this oven! Tried it out yesterday for the first time, and made chicken asado with potatoes, and baked a loaf of stone ground wheat bread. All absolutely delicious, nothing burned. I just regret waiting so long to try solar cooking!

— Laura, Trumbull, CT

Just started using our sun ovens. Love being able to set a meal up and have it ready for dinner without the fuss. We’ve been baking potatoes and cookies. Made lasagne and today we’re making chili-mac.

— Joe, Chaska, MN

I’ve had the sun oven just over 1 week and so far I am having great fun with it! To date I have made brownies, bread, oatmeal cookies, beef stew, lemon chicken, sun roasted tomatoes and today I have tomatoes dehydrating.

— Wendy, Barstow, CA

Tried it out and absolutely loved it. It was so easy and the food tasted great. I have already recommended it to my friends. Great product!

— Robert, Oakland, TN

Well made and a nice setup.

— Patrick, Austin, TX

I already love it, and my dh is actually as excited about trying it out as I am! He hunts; I grow a lot of herbs; we both garden~we are really looking forward to the process of putting up our harvests without smelly fuels, electricity, or wood. Thank you!!

— Vanessa, Hopewell, VA

Works great! Right now cooking deer tenderloins. yum. yum!

— Joyce, Bronson, MI

It came yesterday, today I made dessert and a main course. Everything turned out great! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

— Doreen, Murrieta, CA

Works very well in my area which receives consistent sun past 10 AM after the fog lifts. I am happy about the purchase.

— Saty, Santa Maria, CA

This sun oven works beautifully and we have enjoyed the food cooked in our sun oven. The design is good and the construction of of good quality. Thank you for this wonderful resource. Millet cooked in this oven is so much lighter and more fluffy than the millet we cook on the stove. Thank you again. We are grateful to our friends who introduced us to this technology and helped us by ordering it.

— Bruce, Stanton, NE

Love my oven! We’ll use it to dehydrate veggies and to bake bread, as well as regular oven cooking.

— Cathy, East Stroudsburg, PA

Thank you! LOVE the sun oven! Cooking, baking, drying everything in sight.

— Dael, Las Cruces, NM

The Sun Oven works great. I’ve used it for several months after storing 12 mo’s. I’ve baked in it several times and have made broths and soups and brown rice, one of my favorites.


Easy to assemble and take down. Looking forward to enjoying its cooking ability for a long time to come!

— Beverley, Tucson, AZ

Exciting new project! Can’t wait to be an expert! Thanks for the great service.

— Connie, Mimbres, NM

Thank You so much for building such a great product!

— Jeff, Cumming, GA

Received our Sun Oven last week – on time. We appreciate the prompt service we received. So far very happy with the oven and equipment we purchased with it.

— Richard, Shallowater, TX

Cooked Italian Sausage with Onions & Peppers the third day after I received the oven. Added a pan of corn the last hour. The meat was browned, tender and so very moist. The onions actually carmelized! Alot of juice too. It was a great meal for my first try. Looking forward to doing my bread next. Thanks so much for such a great item!!

— Terry, Anderson, SC

I purchased your Sun Oven about a month ago, and am so pleased at the results! I was nervous about trying it out and thought I had to set aside a huge block of time for continuous monitoring of temp., but it turns out I shouldn’t have been so timid I have made hard boiled eggs, a skillet pancake, herbed chicken breasts, and a pot of rice just today! I no longer fear power outages… I welcome them.
Thank you so much for instilling in me a feeling of confidence… I can feed my family now, no matter what!

— Karen, AZ

I love my sun oven in that I am using minimal fosal fuels to cook & bake in the spring & summer months.

— Pamela, Vancouver, BC

I am a full time RVer and this is a very good way to cook when boondocking in the west.

— Gene, Box Elder, SD

We used your Sun Oven the day we got it and were VERY impressed. It is easy to set up and use; we cooked our 6 lb chicken w/veggies in a cooking bag using one of the pans that came with the oven. It took about 1 hr to heat, and an additional 1 1/2 hours to cook…the chicken & veggies were PERFECT; in fact, we will use it often just because it saves energy AND it is easy to use! THANK YOU!

— Rosalyn, Mira Loma, CA

Totally LOVE my Sun Oven!! So happy my husband got it for me!!!

— Marie, Chipley, FL

I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love my new sun oven!! It’s so easy to set up and take down and store.I really like the new addition that you added to it to show if the oven is directed where it should be. It takes the guess work out of directing it to the sun! I cooked with it today and the oven reached 325-350 and stayed at that temperature for most of the day. It would have cost me quite a bit of money to have my oven running all day but instead I used the free sun! Thank you for designing an awesome oven that works great and is so fun to use.

— Debbie

The product is really great and can even more than promised. Of course, I live in a very sunny area, but nevertheless it is amazing, what a nice crust bread gets and the chicken´s skin becomes brown and well tasting, while the meet (especially the breast, that is always a sensitive issue)is wonderful juicy. I cook at least 5 times a week. Thank you!!

— Albert, Costa Rica

I LOVE my new SUN OVEN.!!

— Steve, Coos Bay, OR

The oven looks like a finely made product, I’m so glad to have it. I look forward to enjoying its service for years to come. Thank you!

— Xin, St Louis, MO

The oven works like it was advertised . Love the sun guide for lining up the oven , very easy to do.

— Sherry, Waukesha, WI

I loved using the sun ovens my cousins in California have during my last visit there, just had to get one! I can’t wait to get started with my own.

— Jason, Kamas, UT

Love, love, love my All-American Sun Oven! I’ve had a Global Sun Oven for a few years and love it, but the changes you’ve made to the All-American are really great – my absolute favorite is the focusing tool. Keep up the great work!

— Gail, Copperas Cove, TX

Tried it to make short ribs yesterday and it worked great! Thanks so much for manufacturing and retailing such an awesome product!

— Cassie, Calgary, AB

So far we are enjoying trying different recipes. We have already made whole grain bread and berry turnover. We are looking forward to trying dinner recipes soon.

— Tom, Surprise, AZ

My pork roast was great as were the brownies.

— Natalie, St Petersburg, FL

My friend has had one for several years and loves hers. Now I can join her in cooking with the Sun…for no cost! I love it!!

— George, Livingston, TX

We are really enjoying the food we cook in the sun oven!

— Randy, Glencoe, AL

Looks good. Can’t wait to try it. Good idea….. Eco friendly & a good disaster prep tool.

— Thomas, Manchester, NH

It works like I was told, it’s fun, and I sholud have bought a pair of them at the same time.

— Mike, Orem, UT

Thank you for making a quality product… Blessings

— June, Indian Wells, CA

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent information you send to us and especially for the priceless Sun Ovens! We have two of them and my husband says that this is the best purchase I have ever made…..that’s why we have two of them!
Thank you so much for all the work and effort you put into all you so generously share with us. Keep up the good work! You are a blessing to many!

— Sally

This is our second SunOven; first was a Global SunOven and now this AllAmerican SunOven. We are very much pleased with the care that is put into designing and building these products. The Sun targeting devices are very useful particularly in the vertical orientation. The T- shaped foot is an improvement also.

— John, Grand Junction, CO

Couldn’t wait to try the new sun oven so at 10 AM at the 46 parallel north and -14F outside I decided to give it a try. It’s the 1st of March the sun is still quite low but with the leg on it’s last setting I decided what the heck I’ll see what kind of temps I can get. Came back later the oven was at 320F so I mixed a batch of tea biscuits and popped them in. All in all it was a good experience and the biscuits didn’t last very long once I got them out. Anyway now I have an idea of what it’s capable of I think a roast beef or chicken will be next.

— Ian, Sturgeon Falls, ON, CANADA

Love my “AZ sun oven” & decided I’d get a 2nd one for at home in AK. I even made angel food cake in it , twice ! It held the heat at 325-350 & it took about hr & 50 minutes to bake but it was beautiful golden color & moist ! Also baked my fruit cakes in it, the temp stayed at about 275 which was just right, moist & delicious ! We just arrived home on March 1 and am anxious to start using this “AK sun oven”. Sun angle is a lot different here but we’re gonna give it a try real soon. Good product !

— Darlene, Fairbanks, AK

I love my sun oven so far! I have only had it for a week, but have made wheat bread, brownies and cookies. They all turned out very moist and yummy! Now I am ready to start dehydrating and make some main dish meals.

— Amy, Norman, OK

We purchased our Sun Oven. I have baked cookies, a pit roast and warmed tortillas. Works great!!!
I’m very happy we made the purchase. My husband and I smile knowing we are saving money and cooking more efficiently. And we are prepared in case we have no power or fuel. I recommend everyone purchasing a Sun oven.

— Janna, CA

We just got our oven yesterday. It is supposed to be our Christmas gift to each other, but we couldn’t resist unpacking it and trying it out. Baked pizza and a cherry pie in it today. Worked like a charm! We love it. Now, we have to pack it back up until Christmas, or maybe not!!

— John and Karen, Springerville, AZ

I have a sun oven and swear by it! I use it most of the summer with no problem. Keep up the great work. Again, can’t live without it!!!

— John

Love this oven. Already used it & the food was awesome. The banana bread we baked was to die for & much better than the regular oven baked. So much more moisture!

— Charlene, Forsyth, MO

Cool weather, working in the garden today. Used the Sun Oven to cook lunch and keep beverages warm (VERY hot, actually). When clouds filled the sky about 1pm, closed the mirrors over the box and all was fine. Soup and tea stayed hot and was just what we needed. Thanks for a great product.

— Gwen, Los Angeles, CA

This is so much fun to use!
One of the pans arrived with damage and was very promptly replaced. The service was great. Thank you. I have recommended your product and company to several people.

— Jean, Georgetown, TX

Well made oven. After seeing so many cardboard boxes and tin-foil on the internet, I was a bit fearful it would be cheaply constructed. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Looks like it will last for years. THANXX to all the staff/workers for making a great product in the U.S.A.

— Loretta C.

Food taste great and stays juicy

Made in USA !!!!!!

— Steve, Cave Spring, GA

Excellent Oven Excellent Oven. Considering function it is worth the price. Cooks easily as well as conventional oven, and just as fast on a clear sunny day even in extreme temperatures. We cooked several meals in at 30F on clear days and our food was done as fast and in some cases even faster then when we used a conventional oven. We cooked 2 frozen Chicken Breasts, 2 Sweet Potatoes, carrots, and broccoli on our first meal. All of it cooked perfectly. The sweet potatoes were the best that I’ve ever had! 2nd day we cooked a Pot Roast. Excellent texture and flavor. Again no burning and cooked efficiently. 3rd day we cooked homemade Baked Beans and they cooked completely in 3.5 hours instead of the usual 5-6 hours on the stove. I’d purchase it again. As far as seller, the product was delivered on time and there were no unexpected issues. Excellent transaction and a satisfied customer!

— A. Cooper “TC”

The All American Sun Oven is amazing. It cooks a whole chicken in just over the same amount of time your kitchen oven would. My wife loves cooking two dozen eggs for Easter egg painting in very short order. If the power goes down and you have sunlight, you will not regret buying this high quality unit. The cooking pans and dehydrating racks are a perfect match for the Sun Oven.

— Jerry N.

This is my second Sun Oven. We bought one at the MREA Fair back in about 1995 and have used it extensively over the years. It still works! We were going to try to buy (or build) a BIGGER solar oven to have more room for cooking pots, but there weren’t really any viable options (besides your village-sized one . . .). So now we have two–and use them both!
I must say that the improvements in the new model are spectacular–more space in the oven, the T-shaped support rod, the stackable racks for dehydrating and cooking.
Congratulations on an excellent product and an excellent mission to get this planet to go more solar.

— Marilyn C.

Pretty darn amazing Amazing!
I am still trying to master the dehydration method, but everything else works as shown. I have cooked brownies, oatmeal, boiled water and a few more things to start testing and they are worked wonderfully. Everything it comes with, the hydrating shelves, pots, ect, is an added bonus to get you going almost out of the box. I highly recommend this because of the ease of use and the quality product. I “thought” I could make one, but not like this, do I am glad I bought. This could be a lifesaver…

— Dan

I’m loving my oven and have told numerous friends about it. One of my friends is going to order two ovens! Can’t wait to dehydrate some things this week. Thank you for a great product

— Kevin H.

I’m so happy to finally have my SUN OVEN, and am looking forward to having an acquaintance-who has been using hers for some time-come to give tips to me and my married children and their spouses.

— Nathanael S.


— Gary S.

I am THRILLED to be the new owner of such an amazing “cordless” appliance!!
When I received the package and inspected the contents of the box I was so happy to see everything that was to be shipped with the solar oven was actually included! No hidden gimmicks. The directions before use were easy to follow (and I might add, FUN).
I know that I’m going to be enjoying many meals prepared in the sun for a long time to come!
Thank you for such a wonderful “cordless” gift!

— Maggie, Las Vegas, NV

Should last for Decades! Well made oven. After seeing so many cardboard boxes and tin-foil on the internet, I was a bit fearful it would be cheaply constructed. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Looks like it will last for decades! THANXX to all the staff/workers for making a great product in the U.S.A.

— A.D

Five Stars. Have 2, they are great.

— Kris

Five Stars works great; good design.

— Richard

Great oven. One excellent product! The first time we tried this oven there was snow covering the entire ground and it still reached 325 degrees within about twenty minutes. Baking bread was our first thing to try and it turned out perfect. We absolutely love this oven. It seems to be very well made and easy to align to get the maximum use of the sun. It is fun to use and very energy efficient.

— Gary H

What an excellent product. You convinced me to buy your oven instead of making my own.
Very happy I did. Obvious that a lot of thought went into all aspects of the oven.
Keep up the great innovations!

— Alexi, Lynchburg, VA

I absolutely LOVE this oven. It goes beyond being an oven and does everything well. I waited a long time to be able purchase it and it is well worth it.

— Susan F

We bought a Global Sun Oven in ’98 and were so pleased that we bought the All American as a back up when Honeyville had them on sale. We use them every day possible, even with minimal sun, and I freeze dishes for days when I can’t cook outdoors. They are definitely not just for emergencies.

Great product.

— Marilyn, Auxvasse, MO

Never even considered hardboiled eggs without water, am excited to try it. My family loves it when I bake chicken thighs with just a bit of BBQ sauce on top spread around so you don’t notice it’s pale. Chicken is so tender and moist. So I am also excited to try a turkey. I made beans for chili last winter while I was gone, actually they were done faster than on the stove and I didn’t have to worry about them boiling dry. And seemed faster than in the crock pot. I dried fruit last summer, worked like a dream. Thank you so much for your fine product. It is like a toy for me, and I get a kick out of cooking with free energy.

— Susan

I’ve had my Global Sun Oven for 5 years now and use it fairly regularly on my boat at the sandbar in the Tampa Bay Area on the weekends & holidays. It has been so effective and so well liked, I bought the new/improved All American Sun Oven for my girlfriend. She is amazed every time we use it how effective it is and how great the food tastes. I always tell her, “Photon’s are better than Electron’s” for cooking…. Now we use her’s around the house and mine on the boat. It’s truly a great product and works very well!

— Larry

Worth It! It works great! So easy to set up and start cooking. I skipped the vinegar wash and never had any issues with plastic smells. I did run it empty right after I got it. It was late in the day and only got up to 300 degrees. But the next day I baked a beautiful loaf of bread at 350, and steamed some broccoli. Could not have been easier. The sun alignment circles and the more stable foot are a big improvement over the last version. I also love how easy it is to move. Definitely could go on a picnic or camping trip easily!

— Ann

I am very pleased with it. It has performed as advertised. It is easy to use. No problem with noxious odors. Cleaned it as directions specified.

— Earle

Can’t believe how much fun I’m having cooking quinoa etc. in this! I thought that living in the northern Midwest would be an issue, but it’s not.

— Kat

I have used my oven and it is so wonderful…we love using it, the most problem is I forget to use it sometimes. I love to go over and smell what is cooking in the oven when I get home from work!!! It always smells wonderful! Cooks great! I have so much more to cook in it. We have taken it with us for a day at the beach and had a great meal in the evening!!

— Tracy H.

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