People who prepare are actually better off than those who don’t prepare.  Here are 23 reasons why:

  1. Self-Defense: It’s no surprise that preppers are ready to keep their families safe. Having self-protection skills are a plus.
  2. Leadership: Every crisis needs a leader. Leadership skills help you at home, work or with friends.  Everyone wants to be around a strong leader.
  3. Inflation: Food storage is purchased at “yesterday’s” price insulating you to the loss of purchasing power or availability that occurs during critical times.
  4. First-Aid: People still get cuts, broken bones and need first-aid often.  Those skills and supplies may not go unused even if nothing disastrous happens.
  5. Droughts: To a prepper, it’s just another hurdle to tackle. Store water for rationing and purifying. The end of the world might not come but you won’t go thirsty.
  6. Discipline: Putting away food, water and training for the worst-case scenario develops self-discipline. Keeping at something that may never happen shows dedication.
  7. Long-term Planning Skills: Long-term planning skills can help employees improve their work. That could lead to a nice job promotion.
  8. Organizational Skills:  Better organizational skills don’t go unused. Even if nothing happens, your boss will love the better-organized environment that you create.
  9. Fitness:  Your energy, quality of life and outlook all benefit from excellent fitness.
  10. Home Construction & Repair: Whether anything happens or not, you’ll save a lot of money doing your own house repairs and will be able to supervise other workers.
  11. Automobile Maintenance:  Routine car maintenance is a handy skill, specifically to keep your car working. Think of all the money you save by doing the everyday things for your own vehicle.
  12. Gardening: Growing your own food is a great way to lower your food bill. Even in the winter, if you are canning, your family can enjoy the “fruits of your labor” all year.
  13. Self-Sufficiency – Emergencies happen. If you “prep” you won’t have to rely on government or wait for someone to help you, and you may be able to help others.
  14. Income Loss:  If your income is cut, you can go awhile without assistance. A good pantry is a great insurance plan!
  15. Family Traditions: While you’re canning, gardening, baking, you’re creating traditions and building bonds and sharing memorable experiences.
  16. Outdoor Skills: Outdoor survival skills won’t be lost. Go camping. Build confidence.
  17. Tools: Use them, or use to barter. Loan them to friends as “bond building” and to help others. Tools can build rapport – and that could be worth more than money.
  18. Floods & Fires:  A person who can bug-out at a moment’s notice and get their loved ones to safety may avoid danger, save a life and help others survive.
  19. Earthquakes & Tornadoes: These disasters are not common and require an important but different set of skills, learn how to react.
  20. Improvisation: We live in a disposable society. If something breaks, we throw it away. We should find ways to fix what breaks or re-purpose it to something useful.
  21. Worry Free: By and large, preppers should live worry free. While they’re prepared for the worst, they have less to fear.
  22. Interpersonal Skills: Dealing with difficult people can be challenging. The prepper knows that dealing favorably with other people may save your life.
  23. Motivation: Last but not least, is the concept of motivation. Prepping, learning, doing, helping is not in vain. If nothing else, the prepared person motivates people to keep taking strides to be self-sufficient, help their community and secure their family.

You’ve got things covered even if nothing EVER happens. You have peace of mind. And your preparedness is useful in many ways. Don’t quit being prepared, you never know who’s watching and may become inspired.

Lynda Eggimann is the creator of The 90 Day Shoebox. She twitters as Be PreparedU and guest authors as Be Prepared University.  She lives in Idaho with her husband on a small homestead with chickens, rabbits, a wild mustang and Bees.  She is passionate about preparedness and loves to share.

Billie Nicholson, Editor
August 2017

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