If you want to see a bunch of Global Sun Ovens that have seen some action, plan on attending the annual solar potluck in Tucson, AZ. It’s the largest solar cooking event in the country. This year’s event this past weekend was the 29th annual, and I’m pretty sure a number of the GSOs I saw there have been to all of them. The people in attendance have been cooking with the sun, using a variety of solar cooking devices, for years. Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing some of the solar cooks I had the pleasure to meet there.

This is Jo. She’s had her GSO for about three years and uses it often, in fact it’s her only oven. When her indoor oven broke down (the top burners still work) she never bothered to replace it. She told me that she cooks most of her food in the GSO and uses her stove mainly for reheating.

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