These are the two pots I use the most. The top one is made of light weight, enameled metal. The bottom one is an enameled cast iron dutch oven. Both can be used in the Sun Oven. In fact any just about any type of cookware can be used in the Sun Oven, as long as it is non reflective and has a lid.

Lighter weight pots heat up faster, which means shorter cooking times. The rule of thumb is to add twenty minutes to the cooking time when using enamelware in the Sun Oven. If I could only have one pot to use in my Sun Oven® it would be the top one, it can be used to cook just about everything.

So why use cast iron at all? One reason – heat retention. Cast iron cookware not only takes longer to heat up, it takes longer to cool down. This comes in handy on those evenings when you want to have dinner after the sun has gone down. The cast iron pot, left in an unopened Sun Oven®, will keep your meal warm until you’re ready to dine.

So don’t let your expensive cookware gather dust now that you own a Sun Oven. Experiment with all kinds of pots and pans. Just keep in mind that the type of cookware generally will not affect the outcome of a recipe, only the cooking times will vary.

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