Dental Floss

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More Uses for Dental Floss

If you are a regular dental floss user for oral hygiene, you carry a container with you every day. In addition to cleaning between your teeth, there are other reasons to add it to your emergency supplies. There are uses for both the waxed and unwaxed versions. These include:

  • Use like twine to secure bags.
  • Use it as fishing line. It’s the equivalent of 20 pound test.
  • Sewing to repair clothing or tarps.
  • Use some to make a bow drill to start a fire and use waxed floss to bind wood kindling. When lit, it will burn like a candle wick.
  • Use un-waxed floss to tie food to a stick to cook over an open fire
  • Works to secure your food out of animal reach.
  • Tie tarp into a tree to make a shelter.
  • Braid several strands together for replacement shoe laces.
  • Use as a suture to close wounds.
  • Make a trip line for an early warning  of visitors.
  • Can be used as a clothes line to hang wet clothes to dry.
  • Secure gear to outside of carry pack.
  • Tie a piece of floss through the frame of your glasses to replace a lost screw.
  • Secure pants and sleeves against cold and rainy weather; or to keep out chiggers and ticks.
  • Save the empty container to store small items


Billie Nicholson, editor
April 2015


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