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We are constantly bombarded with safety messages about checking the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. By this time most of us yawn and say, “yea, yea.” Yet we constantly read or hear of preventable deaths from fires that occur in homes without effective fire alarms. But sometimes just checking batteries and pushing the test button, especially when up close to the alarm, is just not enough.

As the population ages and as some of our veterans returning from war find, a lot of people experience hearing loss. Modern hearing aids are wonderful when worn during our busy day and evening events. But when bedtime comes we take off our hearing aids and go to sleep. Modern fire alarms emit a warning signal in the frequency range of around 3000 hertz (that’s two octaves above middle C on a piano.) According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the typical smoke alarm fails to wake up almost 50% of those with hearing loss.

For the person with hearing deficits, more effective smoke alarms include the Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock (, the Loudenlow Smoke Detector (, and the Silent Call ( These special alarms have reported to wake up about 80% of hearing impaired sleepers.

For your safety and piece of mind do the following: Test your smoke alarm to be sure that it will wake you in your bed. Don’t depend on a strobe device. Strobes only alerted about 25% of sleepers. Consider purchasing an alarm that signals you in the low-pitched sound area, close to middle C on the piano and that includes one with a bed shaker.

A lot of people dream of their 15 minutes of fame. Don’t let your story end with “Died of Smoke Inhalation”. For more fun information on fire safety visit  or

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 Billie Nicholson, Editor
April 2014

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