Israeli dressing Paramedic Multi-Purpose Wound Dressing

We can all be prepared to take the initiative to save a life, should we be faced with a life or death situation. Here are three critical first aid procedures that can be accomplished with one dressing.

Israeli Bandage – invented by an Israeli military medic and manufactured in Israel, these bandages are designed to stop blood loss in non-fatally wounded people. Since the tactic for caring for wounded on the spot has become a life saving technique, the Israeli dressing is the bandage of choice of US military medics, emergency medical services and law enforcement personnel.  Available in 4, 6 and 8” wide, this bandage has a sterile non-adhering dressing that can be removed without reopening the wound. A pressure plate  is placed directly over the wound to stop bleeding. The wrapping techniques applies pressure.

It also has a C clamp to hold the bandage closed without tape that can be secured by a simple sliding motion with one hand. This can be self applied.  The Israeli bandage can be used as a splint with the addition of a straight solid object to keep the broken limb immobilized or serve as a partial tourniquet. One form of this bandage has two pads to deal with through and through wounds. The exit wound often bleeds more profusely than the entrance, so place the largest pad over the exit wound and adjust the second to cover the entrance wound. Watch this training video.

Add Wound Dressings to Your First Aid Kit


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Billie Nicholson, Editor
April 2014

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