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Batteries Required

We as a species take for granted many aspects of our modern lives. Most of our daily routine uses devices that require batteries. From automobiles to fire alarms to iPods and beyond, the list of battery using devices we depend on is almost endless.  We prepare for the unforeseen emergencies of life by purchasing life, home and car insurance. Likewise, we insure our safety and comfort by preparing for emergencies by putting aside a short wave radio, extra flashlights, walkie-talkies, and other supplies.  Most all of these devices require batteries and are useless without them. A regular schedule of battery checking and maintenance helps insure that our devices work correctly when we need them.

Rechargeable Batteries

Battery HealthWhen we store emergency electronic devices we always store the batteries separately from the device in a Zip lock bag. This way if a battery fails and corrodes the device is not damaged. We recently checked all our batteries and found that some had leaked, others were out of date, and others were too weak to be effective. We are changing over to rechargeable batteries to save money. Rechargeable batteries cost more, but save money over their useful life. One could decide that a solar or hand generated electric device is the way to go. If so consider the human energy needed to use the device over long periods of time. We have a solar battery charger. It is slow to charge but it does work. Our battery charger handles AAA, AA, C, D and 9volt sizes.  I also use a multi task meter to keep track of battery voltage. With the winter season coming soon cooler temperatures will make your battery health even more challenging as cold drains batteries of their charge more quickly.   Battery Health

Cleaning Battery Leakage

If your device ends up having minor battery acid leakage, use baking soda and water on a Q tip to clean. If your device has minor alkaline battery leakage, use vinegar on a Q tip to clean. Follow with clean water on a Q tip and a dry paper towel. Use liquid sparingly around electronic devices. Complete instructions are posted on the internet in videos.

For every cloud there is always a silver lining. In an emergency, if your batteries fail because you didn’t take care of them on a regular schedule, you can always use your electronic devices as doorstops.

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