In an earlier post I said that reflective cookware cannot be used in the Sun Oven. That is only partly true. While non reflective, light weight cookware is the workhorse of solar cooking, any pot or pan that will fit in the cooking chamber will work. All you need is a dark tea towel and a little creativity. In fact, figuring out new ways to fit your culinary creations into the Sun Oven is half the fun.

These meatloaf muffins are a perfect example of solar cooking puzzle solving. The white, lidless, Corningware roasting pan I used is a less than ideal candidate for solar cooking. I could have used muffin pans; mine have long lost their shine after years of use; but the cooking juices would have run over and made a mess and I’d still have to concoct some kind of lid. Sun Oven meatloaf browns better and stays moister if it’s covered. So here’s what I did:

First I placed silicone muffin cups in the Corningware pan.

Then I sealed it with aluminum foil.

Finally I covered it with a dark tea towel.

And despite the partially cloudy day my meatloaf muffins were ready in less than two hours.

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