When the Power Goes Off  emergency preparedness

Electricity is often one of the first services households lose in severe weather or a natural disaster. What are you planning to use to be able to see and what are the benefits/dangers of each option? Here is a closer look.


Candles are fairly inexpensive and can be easily lit in an emergency. But if it gets knocked over, it can create an even bigger problem. The best advice is to not leave a candle, or any other open flame, burning without someone attending to it. Set them in a bowl of sand to reduce the dangers of hot wax.


Flashlights come in many different shapes, sizes and brightness. It’s portable and is not a fire hazard. However, do you have enough batteries to outlast the need? Do you have the right size of batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc.)? Some flashlights are self generating, which means there is no need for a battery, and LED flashlights consume less electricity than your standard-bulb flashlight. Consider all of these elements as you purchase flashlights and store them in a very accessible spot in your home.


If you search for generator options, you’ll find gas-powered generators or products like the Duracell Powerpack. The costs in both options range from $100 to $600+, but the gas-powered option requires a storage of gasoline, and some local laws prohibit large amounts of fuels to be stored in a home. They can also be noisy and emit carbon monoxide from the spent fuel, so it should not be run inside a closed room to avoid poisoning.

Regardless of the type of generator you have, strands of LED christmas lights can be very illuminating and consume very little amounts of electricity (plus it adds a little festive atmosphere to the situation!).


While each option has its advantages and disadvantages, having options to choose from in an emergency, including redundant options, will be a handy convenience.


July, 2011 Every Needful Thing

Jason M. Carlton

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