How will you respond to a disaster?

How will you respond to a disaster, whether it be an electric grid failure, a major storm or an act of terrorism? Do you have a plan in place that will sustain you and your family for a minimum of 72 hours? Eventually outside help may arrive, but the first 72 is on you. This month’s newsletter discusses six of the major topics of survival that will be evident very quickly when a disaster strikes. Unfortunately, we can be thrust into the middle of turmoil without any warning, so it it imperative that we think through the types of disaster that could strike in our area and work out a plan that will be useable. Living through a disaster requires the courage to plan ahead.

  • Do you have a source of safe, clean water for drinking if your regular supply is disrupted? How can you purify water? What about other water needs, for cooking and cleaning up?
  • Can you provide sufficient, healthy food for yourself, your family including any disabled members and family  pets if food were not available at the local grocery?
  • Do you have an energy source for cooking and to provide heat for your home in cold weather?
  • Will your home have light when the sun goes down? Can you get around in your home safely without it?
  • Who can you contact for assistance or to let family know you are OK?  What will you use?
  • Can you provide first aid for family members?
  • Will you be able to leave your home with three day’s worth of supplies for each family member in five minutes? Do you know how to shut off the utilities to your home before leaving?

Customize Your Family Emergency Plan

Your family emergency plans should be customized just for you, remember to include all your family in the planning process. Make it a family project. Everyone needs to understand the the necessity of such a plan and buy into it, accepting that some major changes in lifestyle will occur, at least temporarily. The adventure begins when you not only make the plan but also practice it.

September 2013, Every Needful Thing                                     Billie A. Nicholson

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