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As the population increases, and the amount of wood and fossil fuels decreases, the need for solar cooking is expanding around the world. SUN OVENS International, Inc. is open to licensing or franchising the exclusive rights to make and market GLOBAL SUN OVENS® to private sector entrepreneurs.

SUN OVENS International has developed a process that allows for the widespread introduction of GLOBAL SUN OVENS® into the areas of the world that need them the most. It is often best to start by licensing a private sector business to assemble and market the ovens in a pre-determined territory. With the onetime purchase of an assembly package, ovens can be made in the country in which they will be used, dramatically reducing the cost of the ovens and shipping. Once an assembly plant has been established using U.S. made components, the specifications are provided that will allow for the manufacturing of any of the components (with the exception of the gasket) to be locally produced. The objective is to drive as much cost as possible from the price. (The gasket is provided by SUN OVENS International at a price which includes a small royalty.)

The assembling of the ovens locally can reduce the price about 50% from the U.S. retail price, and when local manufacturing is employed the price can be reduced another 10% to 30%.

Compatible, reputable companies that are concerned about the environment and the needs of their compatriots, and have an understanding of their local market, will be the most successful.

Entrepreneurs that are interested in introducing GLOBAL SUN OVENS® to their areas should contact SUN OVENS International, Inc. at

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