Local Assembly Plants

Entrepreneurs, Relief and Missions Organizations can now assemble GLOBAL SUNS OVENS® on location- dramatically reducing the cost, creating local jobs, while getting ovens into the hands of the people who need them most.

SUN OVENS International, Inc. has created a complete turnkey GLOBAL SUN OVEN® assembly system that enables the assembly of the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® anywhere in the world.

This complete assembly system includes the training, tools, instructional materials and follow-up support necessary to enter into renewable energy manufacturing.

When shipped unassembled, four times as many GLOBAL SUN OVENS® will fit into a shipping container. This will lower the shipping cost as well as create jobs in the country in which they will be used. (Many governments will waive or reduce duty and tariff charges on components that are used in manufacturing or assembly.)

All that is required, in addition to the assembly system, is a secure facility (of at least 800 square feet), two worktables, and a technician to receive 80 hours of training. The time from purchase to full production can be as little as 60 days.

All the tooling and templates required to successfully complete the assembly process. A comprehensive training program at the Sun Ovens International Inc. facility in Elburn, Illinois USA. All of the components necessary to assemble GLOBAL SUN OVENS® Note: This package is available only in conjunction with the minimum purchase of 250 unassembled ovens.


One heavy-duty four-foot manually operated pressEnables precision bending and forming of aluminum flat pieces
One heavy-duty foot-squaring shear
Enables cutting of reflector material
Arbor Press:
1/2 ton press
For attaching snap to webbing material and inserting bushing to glass hinge bracket
Hand Tools:

  • Eighteen carbide drill bits (10@1/16; 6@1/8; 2@13/64)
  • One flat head screwdriver
  • One Phillips head screwdriver with replaceable tips
  • One standard pliers
  • One standard hammer
  • One flat file
  • One hex wrench
  • One snap off knife
  • Two retractable knives
  • One box utility blades
  • Ten shop towels
  • One 8-inch industrial grade scissors
  • One metal cutting hand shear
  • Two heavy duty staple guns
  • One awl
  • One 7/16″ deep socket
  • One 3/8″ ratchet
  • One torch
  • Three rivet guns
  • Four sealant guns
  • Four safety glasses
  • One tape measure
Hand Tools:
Custom fixtures:

  • Bezel hardware fixture
  • Inner shell hand bender
  • Inner shell drill fixture
  • Flat hammer
  • Reflector template
  • Gasket fixture
  • Inner shell fixture
  • Gasket holder
  • Glass fixture
  • Leg support fixture
  • Handle fixture
  • Bezel assembly fixture
  • Fiberglass cutting template


A personnel training course will be conducted at the SUN OVENS International facility located in Elburn, Illinois and will include the following:

  • Ten hours of classroom training combining lectures and demonstrations on the concepts of solar ovens, solar cooking, and of GLOBAL SUN OVEN® component materials, fabrication and assembly processes, packaging and safety
  • Twenty hours of demonstration of fabrication and assembly techniques
  • Forty hours of closely supervised hands-on fabrication and assembly
  • The final exam will be to successfully fabricate and assemble ten GLOBAL SUN OVENS®

Comprehensive ASSEMBLY SYSTEM PACKAGE Includes:

  • 250 Unassembled GLOBAL SUN OVENS®
  • Complete Tool Package
  • On site training in Elburn, Illinois

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