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The VILLAGER SUN OVEN® is designed for large-scale feeding situations that require cooking great volumes of food quickly. Even though it is called an oven, enormous quantities of food can be boiled, steamed or baked at cooking temperatures of 500° F / 260° C with no fuel costs. The world has entered an era of increasingly higher energy costs. These costs are often viewed from an economic perspective, but the toll they take in human and environmental terms, while difficult to measure and often overlooked, are even more devastating. Feeding programs are often forced to choose between buying food or the fuel to cook it. VILLAGER SUN OVENS® were developed to help feed large groups of people without destabilizing the environment or contributing to deforestation.


Each VILLAGER SUN OVEN®, when utilized as a Sun Bakery, can save over 150 tons of wood annually which results in the reduction of 277 tons of CO2 green house gas emissions annually. Preserving forests and reducing the stain on the worlds environment. UNIQUE BUT HIGHLY EFFECTIVE The VILLAGER SUN OVEN® is the only manufactured commercial solar oven in the world. Over 1,200 meals a day can be cooked or hundreds of loaves of bread can be baked powered by the sun. Ovens are growing in popularity and are currently used in more than 40 deforested counties in a variety of applications:

  • School feeding programs
  • Sun-bakeries
  • Community feeding
  • Retreat centers
  • Refugee programs
  • Emergency relief
  • Missions compounds
  • Orphanages
  • Hospitals (Cooks food for staff and patients and sterilizes medical instruments.)

In some cases the same VILLAGER SUN OVEN® can be used to serve a number of purposes. In Haiti orphanages use them to cook food for the children. In addition, they bake bread that they sell to generate income. The children are able to learn a usable job skill of making bread and the orphanage benefits from the additional income and money they save not purchasing cooking fuel. SOLAR POWERED-ENTERPRISE Empowering the less fortunate through Sun-Bakeries micro-enterprise offers opportunities to alleviate poverty and to enhance the quality of life for generations to come. The VILLAGER SUN OVEN® is available with a 150-piece Sun-Bakery package. This turnkey package bakery enables the creation of a self-sustaining enterprise to turn out fresh baked goods, while creating jobs and eliminating the cost of fuel. The Sun-Bakery Package includes: 1 VILLAGER SUN OVEN® with trailer, propane backup, and accessories

  • 108 Durable bread pans
  • 20 Cake pans
  • 6 Flat pans
  • 2 Heavy duty rolling pins
  • 1 Large oven peel
  • 2 Dough scrapers
  • 6 Hot pads
  • 1 Rugged insect-proof flour bin
  • 1 Wire whip
  • 2 Large mixing bowls

Read about the Bakery Co-operative in Honduras FEATURES · High temperatures… in excess of 500° F / 260° C · Rugged durable construction… designed to last for decades · Easy Track tracking system…adjusts to follow the sun · Propane back up system…can operate 24 hours a day rain or shine · Trailer mounted… easy to transport and secure for storage · Simple to operate…operators can be trained in a matter of hours · Collapsible reflector assembly… folds for easy transport and storage (10 minutes to setup and 5 minutes to take down) DIMENSIONS

 Height: Trailer mounted folded for storage 74 in. 187.9 cm
Trailer mounted open for use 109.5 in. 287.2 cm
Ground level folded for storage 55 in. 139.7 cm
Ground level open for use 99 in 251.5 cm
 Width: At bezel 25.8 sq ft 2.37 sq m
At base 14.7sq ft. 1.35 sq m
Cooking Chamber 7 cu ft. .20 cu m
Cooking Shelf 6.53 sq ft. .60 sq m
Reflective Area 91.75 sq ft. 8.44 sq m.
Reflector diameter when open 109 in. 276.9 cm.
Glass 16 sq ft . 1.47 sq m.
Deck 4 x 6 ft. 1.22 x 1.83 m.
Overall width at fenders 64 in. 162.5 cm.
Weight :
Oven and trailer 980 lbs. 444 kg.


  • 1 Trailer Leveling leg
  • 1 Trailer Dolly
  • 2 Jack Stands
  • 2-20 lb. Propane Tanks
  • 3 Oven Thermometers

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