I have to admit I’d never even though of dehydrating bananas until I read the instructions that came with the dehydrating racks. I wasn’t even sure what shape I should cut them into; discs or strips. It seemed obvious that discs would dry out faster but I thought strips would make a nice portable snack. I decided to try both. To fill all three racks I also cut up a couple of apples and a pear.

The apples dried the fastest. They were completely dehydrated by the end of the day. As predicted the banana discs dehydrated faster than the strips. The pear took longer than I’d expected. Both the bananas and the pear had to be finished up the next day. The banana discs (and the pear slices for that matter) came out great. I lost my patience with the banana strips. I couldn’t tell if they were dry enough to store safely so I ate them – problem solved.  I’m sure that in the summer months, when there’s more usable sunshine, I’d have been able to finish all the fruit (maybe even the banana strips) in one day.



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