Making Ghee in a Sun Oven®

Off Grid with Doug & Stacy In 2010,  Doug and Stacy decided to leave the comforts of city life and travel back in time to a more sustainable and minimalist approach to life. Thinking more and more about sustainability, availability, cost to operate, and a few...

Old-Fashioned Drinks to Slake All Thirsts

“Back to Basics” Reader’s Digest Nearly any garden fruit or vegetable can yield juice to make tasty drinks. Grains, flowers, roots and bark can also add flavoring. Want a little fizz? Add bicarbonate of soda with tartaric acid, carbonated water or use water kefir...

Materia Medica – Ginger

Botanical Name: Gingiber officinale Common Name: Ginger root Family: Zingiberacae Ayurvedic/TCM Name: shringara/vishwabhesaj Parts Used: rhizome Native Region: Asia Geographic Distribution: India, West Indies, Jamaica, Africa, Florida & US, Spain Botanical...
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