Basics of Cooking With the Sun

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Sure, there’s lots of information about SUN OVENS here on our website, but we understand that some folks are the “show me” type.  If that’s you, we have just the solution: a free pre-recorded class on the many ways you can use your SUN OVEN with Q&A led by world-renowned solar cooking expert Paul Munsen.

Watch this free workshop to get expert advice on how to harness the power of the sun to cook, pasteurize water, dehydrate, be better prepared for emergencies, and much more.

The class slides below may take a few minutes to load.  Please be patient.

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Paul Munsen is the general director of SUN OVENS International. For the past 20 years, Paul has devoted his life to sharing fundamental SUN OVEN Cooking techniques with people all over the world. Paul has been involved in solar cooking projects and taught solar cooking on 5 continents.

Paul has addressed the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development at the UN Headquarters in New York. He is the past-president of the Illinois Society for International Development, and a member of Solar Cookers International.

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