The Brighter Way to Cook Webinar with Sun Oven!

60 minutes

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Learn how the Sun Oven benefits your everyday life:

• Cook delicious slow-cooked meals!
• Save money on your utility bills with the Sun Oven!
• Be prepared in the case of an emergency!
• Use the Sun Oven to dehydrate and dry foods!
• Bake amazing bread with the Sun Oven!
• Make life more convenient!
• And much much more!

By attending the webinar you will receive not only a free oven cover but also a printed copy of Sun Ovens latest cookbook with over 350+ recipes, a combined value of $118 FREE when you purchase this special webinar package!

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Step 5: Enjoy your new Sun Oven!

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Also learn more about Emergency Preparedness, Saving Energy, and Creating Delicious Meals Using the Sun.

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