Natural Cosmetics from the Kitchen

  When we visit second-hand stores, one of our favorite places to search is the old books section. Recently we found a 1981 Reader’s Digest book, “Back to Basics.” There were directions on building cabins, digging a well, installing a wood-burning stove, building...

The Fascinating Fig

Fig History The fig is the most talked about fruit in the Bible, referenced 43 times. The fig tree provided the first clothing mentioned and some suspect that the forbidden fruit might have been a fig rather than an apple. As a token of honor, figs were used as a...

Fruit & Veggie Pesticide Residue Test Results

  Are you growing your own vegetables and fruit or do you need to purchase them from grocery stores? The U. S. Department of Agriculture tests produce every year. Do you know that 65% of produce samples in recent tests contained pesticide residue? After analyzing...

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