How to Keep Warm With No Electricity

7 “C’s” for Keeping Warm – Last month’s article on preparing your home for winter reminded us of the importance of repairing doors and windows to eliminate drafts. Now we’ll address ways to stay warm during an extended electrical power outage where no generator...

Rotating Stored Water

There is a limit to how much water we can store. In addition to the small containers in our bug-out bags and car, we also set up a 55 gallon drum. At 8.3 lb. per gallon that 457 lb. container will be in place until it’s emptied. We recently rotated a water container...

Be Water Smart

12 Ways to Conserve Water According to the recently released data from NOAA, nationwide, January was below average in precipitation. The state of California continues to suffer from water shortages, especially in the  San Joaquin Valley, the salad bowl of the world. ...

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