Cloudy Day Fuel Disk/Fire Starter

Convenient for starting a fire and heating or cooking food


Can be stored indefinitely

Better Than Kindling

Easy to Use

Safe & Clean

Made from recycled materials

Non toxic, leaves no residue


Cloudy Day Fuel Disks/Fire Starters are ideal to use with your Cloudy Day CubeStove or as a fire starter. They are designed to ignite easily and to burn hot, and can boil water in less than 5 minutes. They are completely waterproof and will catch fire in seconds, making them great for emergency preparedness, for camping or as a fuel source for any outdoor wood burning stove.

Cloudy Day Fuel Disks/Fire Starter reaches a temperature of 1,200 degrees F within 2 minutes and will burn for up to 45 minutes. Since most meals take less than 30 minutes to cook they are a perfect solution as an emergency source of heat for cooking.

Cloudy Day Fuel Disks/Fire Starter can also be used:

  • as a fire starter (can be broken into small pieces to start several fires)
  • as an emergency fuel source when hiking, camping or in the outdoors
  • as an emergency heat source during cold weather
  • as a dry, easy-to-burn fuel when it’s windy, rainy or snowy
  • as a way to boil water

Two of the greatest attributes of the Cloudy Day Fuel Disk/Fire Starter are the cedar’s pleasant aroma and natural oils. These natural cedar oils protect the Cloudy Day Fuel Disks/Fire Starters from mold and mildew, which can develop over time on other non-cedar products.  The disks are made from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax. They leave no residues or toxic chemicals behind.

Keep fuel disks at a temperature of no higher than 150f and as cold -30f. If in direct sunlight the fuel disk might soften, but will stabilize once cooled.

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