ContentNear the end of a successful harvest, the end of a year, or the end of a good life, we often pause to be thankful. What does the word “thankful” mean and to whom should we address our thankfulness?

Thankful is defined as the act of expressing or showing appreciation or gratitude that something has or has not happened. Most of us would express this feeling to a higher authority.

The concept of thankfulness is mentioned 102 times in the Old Testament and 71 times in the New Testament.

These writings encourage us to cultivate gratitude for others in our lives, for experiences that both create happiness and challenges. As we develop a greater state of gratitude, we move beyond “what’s in it for me” into a concern for all living beings. As you serve others, you become aware of a sense of joy. In addition, clinical trials indicate that the practice of gratitude has a dramatic and lasting effect on a person’s health.

To begin the search for gratitude, we need to look around and begin to count our blessings. What brings you joy? What makes you content – satisfied with what you have? Take a few moments and count all the good things in your life.

When I put a list of words synonymous with thanksgiving together into a “word cloud” generator , I was surprised when the largest word in the generated cloud was “content.”

As I studied the cloud created, I realized that all of the other words boil down to this one word – CONTENT. Be there.

Billie Nicholson, Editor
November 2017

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