Using a Sun Oven does not mean you need to give up all convenience foods. It’s our busy time of year and I just don’t have the time for a lot of prep work.

Luckily there are good tasting, easy to prepare, healthy boxed mixes on the market that come out great in the Sun Oven. The instructions usually say to bring some water to a boil before adding the dry ingredients. For solar cooking just mix the dry ingredients in a pot with room temperature water, cover and put it in the Sun Oven. The cooking time will be longer.

The lentils I made today took 45 minutes as opposed to the 10 it would have taken to cook them stovetop. Despite the longer cooking time I still find using the Sun Oven more convenient since I can go about my business without the risk of burning anything.

If you have the time many of these mixes can be spruced up with the addition of some freshly chopped vegetables for a more personal touch.

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