cooking without fireFire and fuel for cooking are critical needs during an emergency situation. If you are in a location  where you cannot get fuel for fire, what are your alternatives? Why not use the sun!

There are four components needed for solar cooking:
1.  A fire proof container to hold your cooking vessel
2.  Reflective material to capture the sun’s energy and direct it
3.  A black cooking vessel
4.  A stabilizing base

Armed with this concept, Milwaukee retired restauranteur, Tom Burns designed his first solar oven in 1986 and the SUN OVEN® was born. Tom, a world traveling Rotarian, recognized the ever growing need for cooking fuel in developing countries and introduced his SUN OVEN® to the world to help reduce the ever-growing problem of deforestation. He took this centuries old idea and engineered it using cutting edge technologies to produce the world’s most efficient and effective solar cooking devices.

For the past 28 years, SUN OVENS® have been proudly made in the USA using virtually all American made components. We believe in free enterprise and seek to take a private sector approach to helping solve problems, many of which have often been left to governments. Millions of families around the world are benefiting every day from SUN OVEN®  products. We strive to assist entrepreneurs to make and market SUN OVENS® in the country in which they will be used. In addition, we assist in implementing projects to help organizations to gain self-sufficiency through the sale of bakery goods sun-baked in the VILLAGER SUN OVEN®.

The reason we are so passionate about our work in Third World nations is that it saves lives:
•  2.4 billion people still depend on wood, charcoal or dung for cooking fuel.
•  Women who cook with wood or charcoal inhale the equivalent of smoking 3 packs of cigarettes each day.
•  Each year, on the continent of Africa alone, over one million children under the age of 5 die from respiratory related disease. The leading cause of respiratory infections is the indoor air pollution of cooking fires.
•  Up to 85% of the smoke can be eliminated with the use of SUN OVENS®.

When you buy a SUN OVEN® you are helping us with this work. We think it is the ultimate win-win situation when we can help more people in the U.S. discover the joys of cooking with the sun as they help us expand the use of SUN OVENS® around the world.


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