I read somewhere that bacon is the most commonly burnt food in restaurant kitchens. That used to be the same in mine too. In a frying pan it seems that it goes from ‘not quite done’ to ‘burnt beyond recognition’ in the blink of an eye. Bacon in the Sun Oven on the other hand is much harder, although still possible, to burn. It takes a little longer to cook it, but on the plus side your house won’t smell and the risk of a grease fire is zero.

All you need is a rimmed baking sheet or pan and a rack. Set the rack on the baking pan and drape the bacon strips on the rack. The pan will catch the grease and the rack will keep the bacon out of it. It will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour if you like it crispy. And once you have some crunchy, fragrant, cooked bacon on hand the sky’s the limit.

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