financial preparedness

When we work to develop the basic needs of survival through preparedness, we begin to realize that many of these needs are interwoven. Medical preparedness is related to food and eating healthy, and being able to pay for that healthy food ties it to financial preparedness.

We are encouraged to have an emergency supply of food. In order to accomplish this, we have to CONTROL OUR EXPENSES in order to buy a little extra each shopping trip. The same goes for all of the other basic needs. We need to prioritize what we spend. In the preparedness mindset, we must ask ourselves, “What will be the most useful items to acquire to meet our long term needs?”

Get Out of Debt

Having been counseled to GET OUT OF DEBT, we must look at what money we have coming in, evaluate our expenses, and decide what we need to eliminate in order to have more money left over at the end of each month. Remember that “debt is voluntary enslavement.”[1] We have been brainwashed in today’s society that debt is a good thing. We must have debt to get a low “credit score;” we must have big debts like mortgages to get “tax-write-offs.” All this really accomplishes is encouraging us to live beyond our means, becoming enslaved. Paying off property debts will reduce some stress, but even if you are mortgage free, you still have to pay the taxes levied against that ownership. Just don’t pay taxes and you’ll find out how quickly that property will be jerked out of your control.

Economic Collapse is No Release

Please do not think that an economic collapse will release you from financial debt obligations. Debt collectors may be scrambling to stabilize their own lives for a time, but eventually the organizations that we owe will send someone to collect. I can assure you that it will not be pretty and they will not say “please.”

Our nation is working a giant program of spending more money that it collects, borrowing money that comes with strings attached, and creating a culture of dependence among its citizens.[2] The question to ask is not “how did we get here” but rather, “what can we do to survive” the inevitable collection date?

This month’s issue will address several habits to develop that will help you get along should the US dollar lose its status.
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