Longer summer days mean more hours can be dedicated to solar cooking. Here in Arizona it’s not unusual to be able to cook with the sun from as early 8:00 AM to as late as 6:00 PM. But for an even earlier start to your solar cooking day turn the GSO “topside down” (the side with the thermometer will be on the ground), remove the leveling tray, then place a rack or trivet what is now the floor of the cooking chamber and you’ll be ready to catch the first rays of sunshine. I use this trick to bake breakfast casseroles that I assemble the night before or a simple bowl of steel cut oatmeal. First thing in the morning I pop my breakfast in the GSO then I go about my business. Oatmeal is usually ready by the time I’ve finished my morning routine; casseroles take longer and are best for week-ends. Solar cooked oatmeal tastes so good even my porridge hating husband will eat it.

Breakfast for two, oatmeal in the covered mug and and eggs in the other.

Now if only I can figure out a way to get my espresso maker to run on solar power.

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