Camellia Blossoms - Gratitude

This is the time we begin to reflect on all the events we’ve experienced during the past year – some good and some which could have been better.
Have you had an opportunity to be thankful for some of your preparedness activities? Recently traveling to see family and friends after a year, we had three I’d like to share.
We took some dried apples with us as a snack and shared them with our son’s family. As we talked about how we had made these using our Sun Oven® on sunny days and a borrowed electric one on some rainy times, our daughter-in-law offered up a dehydrator she had not been using. We graciously accepted it, squeezing it into the last available space in our small car. Off we went to visit my sister, who had just completed harvesting apples from her two trees. With bushels of apples needing the next step in preservation, out came the dehydrator to make dried apples. It ran night and day for the duration of our visit. The Stayman-Winesap and Arkansas Black varieties are very flavorful dried.
When we returned home from a month long trip, we headed to our food storage pantry to decide what was for dinner. We selected canned salmon, cream of mushroom soup, peas and spiral noodles for a wonderful casserole. These are the same ingredients used for tuna casserole, but I substituted salmon instead. It made a nice variation.
On our property in NC, we have two camellia bushes that have never bloomed in the ten years we’ve been here. The last few years we set up a compost bed between them into which we regularly toss kitchen scraps and tea bags. To our delight this year, they are both blooming! And now we know their variety (Camellia sasanqua). Did those extra nutrients made a difference in the quality of this rocky, mountain soil? There’s no doubt in my mind.
From those of us at Sun Oven®, we wish you all a “prepared” Thanksgiving holiday. Will you be baking your turkey in a Sun Oven®?

Billie Nicholson, Editor
November 2015

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