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Glen Meder

Glen Meder, pure water specialist extraordinaire, gave a presentation during the 2017 Home Grown Food Summit on drinking water purity.  Here are notes I took from his presentation.

Pure drinking water protects your family from water contamination. We live in an increasingly toxic world mostly because of population increases. Our bodies have not adapted to contaminated water.

When you drink water,

it goes straight through your stomach to the small intestine and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. water makes up ever cell in your body – it transports all nutrients, is the basis of trillions of chemical reactions in the body. It picks up toxins in the body and is crucial to regenerating new cells. Water is the key to life and needs to be clean fresh water. It comes from the ocean as undrinkable and must work through the hydrologic cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Rain makes fresh water.

Unfortunately, we have overloaded our environment

with toxins and the “fresh” water falling from rain hits the ground already contaminated. We know about water emergencies like hurricanes and flooding which can interrupt commercial water services. There have also been not so obvious contaminations like river contaminations due to chemical spills which make water unusable. Cancer clusters may be the result of some contamination. There were 3,885 chemical spills in 2013 reported, wonder how many spills went unreported?

How can you treat contaminated water?

The Red Cross recommends:
•  boiling – pure water leaves as steam, leavings become more concentrated
•  chlorination – adding bleach to water is an effective way to kill bacteria
•  distillation – the most effective way to purify water
Methods not recommended
•  filters of any kind
•  ozone
•  ultraviolet light
•  other chemicals

You don’t know if water is contaminated.

There are different types of contaminants that will only be concentrated by boiling water: particulates, inorganic contaminants, radioactive metals, organic contaminants. Microbiological – living organisms will be killed by boiling water, but not removed.

Distillation is the best to purify water

Distillation evaporates water and then condenses the purified molecules removing all contaminants. For a follow up to Glen’s presentation visit: www.mydrinkingwater.com

Billie Nicholson, Editor
July 2017

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