How the Sun Oven® works

SUN OVEN® cooking is user-friendly and very forgiving… Never Burn Dinner Again!  To learn more, check out the videos below.

Why is the SUN OVEN® the world’s most widely used solar oven?

People have used the sun to cook for centuries, yet solar cooking has never gained widespread acceptance. SUN OVENS International has taken a concept that has been around for generations, combined it with the most effective materials available, a design with features that take the hassles out of solar cooking, to create the Ultimate Solar Appliance.

What is the GLOBAL SUN OVEN®?

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Learn how to harness the power of the sun with a SUN OVEN®

Emergency Prepardness

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Discover the advantages of a SUN OVEN® when the power goes out. Find out why a SUN OVEN® is the most fuel efficient way to cook freeze dried and dehydrated food storage.

Pots and Pans

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series See the wide variety of pots and pans of pots and pans which can be used in a SUN OVEN® and how to cook more than one thing at a time. Hear how to bake up to a 18 lbs. turkey.

Even Non Drying Heat

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Understand why food does not burn and how sun enhances the taste.


SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Find out how a SUN OVEN® can dry and dehydrate.


SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Check out how a SUN OVEN® can be used to boil, or pasteurize water, heat dish-water or hot water for personal hygiene.

“SUN OVENS® Global Impact saving lives worldwide

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series See how you have already been part of our work around the world when you bought your SUN OVEN®. Sun Ovens International has a simple business model; to help people in the US save energy and be prepared for emergencies and use a portion of the proceeds in deforested developing counties.

Hard Boiled Eggs Without Water

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Learn how to hard boil eggs in a Sun Oven without any water. See how easily a freshly laid egg is when it is boiled without water in a Sun Oven.

Focusing a SUN OVEN®

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Learn how to focus a Sun Oven to achieve the highest temperature. See how easy it is to keep a Sun Oven aligned with the sun.

Baking Bread in a Sun Oven

SUN OVENS® Cooking Essentials Series Learn how to bake bread with the power of the sun in a Sun Oven. Tips on how to get perfectly browned bread every time.

Introduction to the GLOBAL SUN OVEN®

GLOBAL SUN OVEN® instructional

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