There is a story of the farmer who needed to take on a new person to help keep his farm operating. He placed a notice at the local store and soon had several young men apply for the position. The farmer interviewed them one by one, ending the session by asking each of them what he does best. When the farmer interviewed the last lad his answer to the last question was, “I can sleep through anything.” He was intrigued by the young man’s answer, so he hired the lad on the spot.

Time went by and one night a big storm suddenly developed. The farmer ran to the bunkhouse and to get his new farmhand to help secure the farm and animals. He was furious to find him sound asleep. When he finally was able to wake him, the lad reminded the farmer that, “he could sleep through anything.”

Upon inspection of the farm, the farmer discovered that the animals were safely placed in the barn, the hay and farm equipment were covered and tied down, and all was well. After traveling the length of his property, the farmer understood why the farm hand could say, “I can sleep through anything.”  The farm hand had done what it took to be prepared.

Are you prepared for a short or long-term emergency? Remember, knowledge trumps equipment and working together makes life better.

As we approach the holiday season, let us consider how we can give gifts of ourselves to one another: the best present you can give is one of your presence in the lives of those you love.

Sleep through anythingHappy Holidays


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