Portable kitchenIf you have to leave your home, knowing that you will be in “camp-out” conditions, what items would you want to take with you to be able to cook? This kit could be optional or out of the question, depending on the emergency situation, but consider assembling these items. If your kitchen is all together in a tub, you could just grab it and go. Each person in your group can be responsible for their own eating utensils attached to their emergency packs, but items for group cooking and clean up can be pre-packed.Think beyond a grill on wheels!

  • Sun Oven® – packed with two, pots, pans, WAPI kit, and whatever racks will fit. Using this to rehydrate foods, cook items from raw and pasteurize water, it will meet a lot of cooking needs.
  • Cloudy Day Cube Stove and fuel blocks will cover short term weather conditions without the sun.
  • Spatulas, cooking forks and spoons, large ladle
  • Measuring cups and spoons, hot pads
  • Cutting board and 2 sharp knives (one large, one small)
  • Knife sharpener
  • Waterproof matches or other fire starter
  • 2 hunting knives for cleaning game and fish
  • 1 Roll of heavy duty garbage bags – can be used to store food items as well as trash
  • 1 gallon bleach – can be used for wiping down and sterilizing cutting boards, knives and other cooking surfaces after cutting meats.
  • Non-soap scrubbing pads – use for cleaning
  • 1 gallon vinegar
  • 1 large box baking soda – can be used for tooth brushing, breath freshening, relieve insect bites, deodorant, use as shampoo and follow with vinegar rinse, relieve diaper rash and soaking your feet
  • 2 jugs of liquid soap – Remember that a little will go a long way. Use for washing hands: mix dish soap and vinegar to make an effective anti-bacterial soap without drying out your skin. Will work well for washing clothes. Use 1 part dish soap and three parts vinegar to keep clothes clean and odor free. One container should be kept at cooking area and other at bathroom area.
Note: washing your hands after using the toilet and before cooking or eating, as well as washing cooking utensils will cut down on illness.
  • Stressful emergency situations weaken the body, so be as sanitary as possible.
  • Water as much as you can carry.

If you are traveling by car, this mini-kitchen will be easy to fit in. If you have to be on foot, consider taking a wheel barrow, wagon or travois to be pulled.

Thanks to Holly Deyo’s book “Dare to Prepare!” for some of these ideas.

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