In the Global Sun Oven most foods (excluding baked goods) are cooked in a covered pot and do not need to be stirred. Furthermore, opening the glass lid for a quick peak will only lengthen the cooking time.

So the question is – How do you know when it’s done? Some solar cooks like to use glass lids that allow them to watch their food cook, but those often get fogged up with steam and you might not have a glass lid for every pot.

Luckily, overcooking foods in the Global Sun Oven is seldom a problem. Most meats, stews, legumes, or soups will not suffer from being left in the cooking chamber after they’ve finished cooking. So if you’re not sure, or if it’s not quite dinnertime yet, go ahead and let it cook a little longer. I usually wait until the glass door starts to steam up, that’s usually a sign of doneness.

There are, however, times that I want to know for sure before I unlatch that glass door. Two that I can think of are roast beef, because I want it rare, and, turkey, because I want to be sure it is fully cooked. In these cases I use a probe thermometer. It gives me a more accurate picture of what’s going on inside the pot, it fits nicely behind the top reflector, and it has an alarm in case I get distracted.

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