GingerBotanical Name: Gingiber officinale
Common Name: Ginger root
Family: Zingiberacae
Ayurvedic/TCM Name: shringara/vishwabhesaj
Parts Used: rhizome
Native Region: Asia
Geographic Distribution: India, West Indies, Jamaica, Africa, Florida & US, Spain

Botanical Description: long, slender leaves grow along 2-4’ stalks arising from creeping rhizomes, silvery brown skin & knobby underground

Harvesting Guidelines: Rhizomes are useful part. Dig at end of growing season if ground freezes during winter otherwise dig when needed

Constituents: Volatile oils

Uses: 1. Boiled slices of rhizome in water are good for colds, coughs, flu and hangovers. Chinese say power to strengthen lungs & kidneys. Helps break down organ toxins and cleanses the lymphatic system.

2. Compresses to relieve sinus congestion, kidney problems, menstrual cramps, arthritis, headaches & spinal pain. Combine ginger oil and eucalyptus oil to boost immunity and improve breathing.

3. Stimulates circulation – Garlic, ginger and onions all have anti-blood clotting ability. Together they protect against heart attack and stroke.

4. Carminative (rids stomach & intestines of gas); aids fatty food digestion

5. Relieves nausea, motion sickness & vertigo

6. Culinary flavoring

7. Ginger candy

8. Chew to relieve sore throat

9. Add a couple of drops of Ginger oil to your drinking water to kill staph and strep bacteria and speed healing.
Best Ways to Use:

Raw ginger – put raw sliced ginger (one to two inch piece) in smoothies or in homemade vegetable juice; grated ginger root can be added to many Asian recipes.
Ginger Essential oil – 2-3 drops of essential oil is the recommended therapeutic dose; can be rubbed on topically with carrier oil (refined coconut, sweet almond) on an area of pain.

Ginger Tea – have 1 cup two or three times daily to reduce inflammation. Add raw honey & lemon to taste.
Ginger Powder – Use in cooking or take a supplement capsule dose of 1,000 milligrams daily.


Billie Nicholson, Editor
July 2017

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