1. Plan different types of main dishes for different days of the week. Ideas for meal types include: soups and stews, salads, sandwiches, ground beef, roast beef, chicken and poultry, variety game meats, quick and easy, Mexican, Italian, Oriental, casseroles, vegetarian. If you are cooking without electricity, make your mid-day meal more substantial. Use some of last month’s dinner meals too.
  2. Plan realistically. Develop a repertoire of a few dishes that can be prepared twice each month and with ingredients that are easily available. Make a shopping list for two weeks, for one month double ingredients, for two double it again and for three months double it again. So for example, 1 can of black beans for a recipe used 6 times in 3 months means you buy 6 cans of black beans. Don’t be afraid to switch menus and days for variety.
  3. Mix and match these menus for additional weeks or put on your thinking cap and create some new ones. Pizza anyone?

Three Month Supply Lunch Menus

• Peanut butter  sandwiches
– peanut butter
– jelly/honey
– bread
– bananas
• Tuna lunck pack
– small can tuna salad
– crackers
– fruit cup
– cookie
• Last night’s BBQ chicken
– precooked chicken served cold or hot
– carrot sticks
– salad
• Canned Stew
– beef, chicken or Brunswick
– crackers
– cheese sticks
• Chili
– kidney, black or great northern beans
– canned tomatoes, chili seasoning, onion, garlic
– ground beef or textured vegetable protein
• Canned Pasta
– Ravioli, meatballs
– green salad
• Macaroni & Cheese,  canned vegetable
– Macaroni pasta
– canned milk, flour, onion, butter
– multiple choices of cheese (cheddar, cream)


Week 2

• Clam Chowder
– canned soup
– bread/butter
– fresh fruit
• Tacos
– browned ground beef or turkey
– Taco seasoning mix
– Taco shells
– chopped lettuce/tomatoes/guacamole
– sour cream
• Sloppy Joes, canned vegetable
– Manwich® mix
– ground beef
– buns
• Deviled ham sandwiches
– can chopped ham
– additional mayonnaise and relish
– bread
– watermelon
• Tomato Soup
– chicken broth, onion, celery, fresh basil
– plum tomatoes, tomato paste
– salt, pepper
– sour cream
– fresh baked bread
• Burgers
– condiments
– buns
– fresh fruit
• Ramen® noodle soup
– left over veggies
– shrimp
– tofu pieces

Billie Nicholson, editor
July 2016

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