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Thank you for this opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the Sun Oven! I have been supporting Sun Ovens International, Inc. (SOI) since its inception in 1998. I have purchased multiple solar ovens over the decades from them.

1. How long have you been using your Sun Ovens? What stimulated you to buy them?

I purchased my primary Sun Oven in 1999 just prior to the big hoax of the world falling apart with the changing of the year to 2000. I have been cooking with it for 20 years now.

I am an ecologist and I love hiking, camping and fishing. I purchased the Sun Oven to save cooking time when I was working. There is nothing more disheartening than coming home from working in the field and having think about dinner for myself and my family… With the Sun Oven, I could put my dinner ingredients together early in the morning, position it to optimize the midday solar energy and walk away. That’s it. Period. No more effort. Even if I returned home after dark, I would still have a fully cooked meal all ready to serve.

It is a bit heavy for me to use when camping. I call my Sun Ovens my “home girls” and use them primarily at my residence. I revert to using a more lightweight model when I spend days outside camping and hiking (The HotPot) for cooking needs. I also purchased from SOI back in the day… 

2. What do you like about the oven and do you have any suggestions for improvements?

What I like about the oven is that it can reach a temperature of 350 degrees readily and sustain it for cooking. The alignment leg in the back of the stove allows me to use the oven even during the winter months when the Sun sits lower on the zenith. I use my Sun Oven consistently for 8 to 9 months In any given year.

I would like to recommend an improvement. The Sun Oven has a laminate wooden face board that supports the oven door. Mine began to split apart under the high summer temperatures here on the Modoc Plateau in Northeastern California. I modified my own oven by sanding the board face and applying white exterior acrylic paint to reflect the heat off of its surface. I also sealed the edges of it with a silicon sealer to prevent the wood from splitting any further. I believe these minor modifications have extended the life of my Sun Oven substantially. It is in “very good” condition after 20 years!

Billie Nicholson, Editor
Jan/Feb 2019

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