Baking is still a bit of a mystery to me. Recipes that I expect to be tricky, like the chiffon cake I made a few days ago, often come out picture perfect while others that seem easy on paper wind up being much more challenging. Crackers, it turns out, are tricky to make at home. I probably would have realized that if I’d read the comments and recipe reviews on the King Arthur Flour’s website. I guess it’s no wonder I’ve never heard anyone, not even my use-their-own-starter bread-baking friends, say “I made a batch of crackers today”. But they are fun to make and the results, although a bit inconsistent, were edible.

This time I used the called for malt powder instead of sugar and I’m not really sure if it made any difference. I was still unable to fit a whole batch in the Sun Oven in one go but did manage to get it down to two rather than three. I made one mistake, I forgot to grease the baking pans. The crackers stuck a little but I was able to get them off without too much damage. The biggest discovery I made had to do with the choice in bakeware. I used the enamalware pans pictured above and two aluminum pans. The crackers baked in the aluminum pans came out much better, in fact perfect. The others were slightly chewy.

I’d still like to figure out a way to fit all the crackers in the Sun Oven in on go and since I have a whole bag of malt powder and don’t really know what else I can do with it, I see more cracker experiments in my future.

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