SO-logo9-13For many years we have displayed Sun Ovens and taught classes at Mother Earth News Fairs. These fairs offer practical, hands-on training and experience taught by leading, sustainability-minded experts. Marjory Wildcraft, of The Grow Network, has teamed up with Mother Earth News to offer a BRAND NEW 100% online Homesteading Summit:

The Mother Earth News Online Summit!Mother Earth News Online Summit
Starts Monday, October 31st 
Runs for 7 full days + 2 encore days.

You can watch from home as 35+ real people (including our Sun Oven expert, Paul Munson) reveal their BEST SECRETS for modern homesteading and sustainable, off-grid living! 

Best-selling authors, thought-leaders, and leading research institutes like:

Geoff Lawton, Hank Will, Patricia Foreman, Paul Wheaton, Joel Salatin, Nathan Crane, and Brad Lancaster…

… Just to name a few! 

There will be 35+ presenters in all.  With over 50 hours of video presentations for you to enjoy and learn. 

Covering topics including: 

* How organic gardeners produce 2X to 10X greater yields.
* Build your next garden beds for $0 (yes, nothing)!
* Grow 75% of your food in less than 10 hours per week!
* 5 ways to achieve FOOD ABUNDANCE in small urban spaces.
* Lazy backyard chicken farming secrets.
* Rainwater Harvesting: turn water scarcity into water abundance!
* How to get FREE ACCESS to local seed varieties.
* Make clothes that last 10X longer, using the “old ways.”

This exciting event is free and takes place 100% online, so you can watch it all from home…

There is no cost but you must register.

Click HERE to reserve your free ticket

Only registered attendees will get the complete schedule, with instructions for watching! 

So don’t wait and miss out…

Claim your free ticket now, while it’s fresh in your mind and mark your calendar from Oct 31st to Nov 6th. 

Warmly yours,

P.S.  Mother Earth News charges $25-$30 for weekend passes to their traveling fairs. But this ONLINE summit is 100% free for you to watch from home!  Yes, FREE.

Register today, and The Grow Network will email you the schedule, plus the complete details for how and where to attend.

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