Toaster ovens accessories are a great source for cookware that can be used in the GSO. There are all sorts of baking pans designed for the toaster oven that are ideal for solar cooking. As most recipe followers know, the most common sized baking dish is 13-x 9- x 2-inch and will not fit in the GSO’s cooking chamber. I’ve found that the best way around that, without modifying the recipe’s quantities, is to use two 9- x 6 1/2- x 2-inch toaster oven baking dishes that can be cross stacked when they are placed on the leveling tray.

Muffin pans create another problem. Two standard 6 cups pans will not fit side by side and the muffins will rise higher than the sides of the pan during baking. To get around this obstacle I use a rack that I cannibalized from a long gone, and not missed, toaster oven of my own. Stacking two muffin pans this way is a bit of a balancing act. Since most muffins need to be baked 30 minutes or less I recommend focusing the GSO before placing the pans in the cooking chamber so you won’t have to move it during the baking time.

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