Every year on my birthday I make my husband take me to Ikea. It’s not the only time we go, we live less than five miles from one, but it is the only time I get to go there with no complaining.

If he starts to grumble or says he wants to leave I remind him what day it is and he gives in. I don’t go for the furniture, in fact, we skip the showroom altogether and head straight to the marketplace where they have all the accessories, including those for the kitchen.

This year I came home with this set of oven-safe glass baking dishes. The selling point were the silicone covers. Many foods that would normally be cooked uncovered in a conventional oven need to be covered in the Sun Oven and most rectangular cookware is sold without a lid.

This assortment of baking dishes with their black, tightly-fitting silicone lids, seemed almost as if they were designed for the Sun Oven. I can’t wait to experiment with them. After spending so much time at Ikea I didn’t make it to the grocery store and my cupboards and fridge were pretty bare. The only thing I could find to cook was one of my homemade frozen meals, chicken cacciatora with polenta. I’m sure I’ll find some more creative ways to use them in the near future.

In case you were wondering, the set costs $24.99 and includes two 8x6x2-inch dishes with one lid and four 6x4x1-inch ones with two lids. I wish it included a lid for each dish, but that’s Ikea for you.

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