North Korea

North Korea

RC Shanghai DPRK SUN OVEN® Project

Phase I Project Report 8-15 March 2003

Our new friends in the Pyongyang Orphanage

Project Objectives

  • Help the Pyongyang Orphanage Children
  • Introduce Rotary to the DPRK
  • Introduce the DPRK to Rotary
  • Identify Future Project Needs
  • Conduct our first Helping Grant with Rotary Foundation

Where Did We Go?

Pyongyang, the Capital


Olya Eastman, wife of Randal, Russian
Randal Eastman (RC Shanghai), Canadian
Bruno Bensaid (RC Queenstown, Singapore), French
David Turchetti (RC Shanghai), American

Did it Work?


Dr. Jong Sang Hun,

Mr. Ri Sok Il
Miss Zhou Huayun, Orphanage Director
Assistant Director

Why? Because of Teamwork

Putting together the first Solar Oven in Korea

Dr. Jong Sang Hun,

Mr. RI Sok IL
Rtn. David Turchetti
Rtn. Bruno Bensaid

Inspecting Our Oven

Condition on Arrival of our SUN OVEN®

The Sun Oven Company did a magnificent job preparing for shipping

Beginning to Un-Crate

Everyone had a role

Attaching the Wheels

A little ingenuity required

Maneuvering the


Fully assembled VILLAGER SUN OVEN® – PY Orphanage front yard

Satisfied Hosts

The Cooking Chamber

A view inside the cooking chamber

First Taste from the Oven

First Rice Boiled &
Bread Baked

Backup Step 1: Light the Wand

The backup system consists of a propane tank, and a heating wand

Backup Step 2: Insert the Wand

Oven Set Up – We Went Shopping

On an overcast day – we could only hope for the best

We Returned to a Banquet

The grateful ladies at the orphanage insisted on feeding us a small feast

Welcoming Official Visitors

Our proud hosts had generated much interest within other branches to see the SUN OVEN®

We Returned to Another Success

Dr. Zhou and her staff were proud to show another successful SUN OVEN® meal

Thank You – To the Many Donors Who Kindly Contributed:

Cash Donors

  • The Rotary Foundation (Helping Grant)
  • Rotary D6450 Temple Solar Committee
  • RC Makati, Philippines
  • RC Taipei, Taiwan
  • Rotarians from Chigasaki Shonan RC, Japan
  • RC Shanghai
  • Rtn. Christian Brutzer
  • Rtn. Jose Trinidad Garcia
  • Rtn. Randal Eastman

In Kind Donors

  • P&O NedLloyd
  • Dr. Alison Tam & Rtn. Frank Mulligan
  • Shanghai SINE Pharm
  • Richard & Margaret Fang
  • RC Hampton, Australia, D9810
  • Otto International
  • Adams Childrenswear
  • Yue-Sai Kan Wawa

Saying Goodbye

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