Off Grid with Doug & Stacy

Meet a fascinating couple, who live off their land and cook with the sun.

Doug and Stacy were typical city folks who after years of the same old same old decided they wanted to enjoy life and take more control of the food they ate. They realized how hard they had to work to pay the tax man and for a lot of stuff they did not actually need. They sold their home in a large Midwestern city and hand built an 800-square foot log home on 11 acres. Their homestead is 100% self-sufficient and was built from the ground up.

With no carpentry and farming skills, they built a tiny log home and live with no grid, solar, or wind power and survive using natural resources: water, natural sunlight, and fire from candles and wood. Their food comes from their backyard, and their medicine comes from herbs. They use Sun Ovens year around for cooking, and a whole lot more.

Doug and Stacy enjoy helping people learn and share their experiences on their YouTube channel “Off Grid with Doug and Stacy.” Their entertaining and enlightening videos take a common-sense approach to everyday life and nutrition while living off grid and have been viewed more than 15 million times by their 125,000 plus followers that they affectionately call Homestead Homies.

Stacy has an amazing knowledge of natural healing methods and approaches to prevent getting sick in the first place. She shares food recipes as well as natural remedies, often using a Sun Oven®.

You will find some of their videos about Sun Ovens at:

While there, become a Homestead Homie by subscribing to their channel.

Billie Nicholson, Editor
December 2017

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