Organizing a group buy saves everyone money group buy

Have you checked the prices on various emergency preparedness items and been discouraged by the price tag? If so, you wouldn’t be alone.

Rather than giving up on your efforts to be prepared, you can usually gather a couple of neighbors together and organize a group buy on various items – water barrels, 72-hour kits, and even Sun Ovens.

By organizing a larger buy, the company often provides a volume discount, which saves the buyer anywhere from $10 to $50, depending
on the item and quantity. The best way to know how many items you would need to buy in order to make it worth the effort is to do a little research.

The Internet provides valuable information on organizations, and something as simple as a phone call can be very helpful.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, group buys may be an excellent way to gather various presents for extended family members, and that may also allow you to take advantage of seasonal sales and promotions, too.

Thinking about doing a Sun Oven group buy? Click here.

October 2011,    Every Needful Thing                              Jason M. Carlton

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