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Who Is Orphan Grain Train?

Orphan Grain Train has been a partner of Sun Ovens International, Inc. for many years and has become a hands-on mission project – a national network with regional divisions across the country organized to get necessary help to the endless requests for food, clothing, medical supplies, and Christian-centered literature to Riga, Latvia, and other areas where calamities occur.

More than 3,728 semi-trailer truckloads of food, clothing, medical supplies, and religious materials have been sent to 69 countries and several disaster areas in the U.S. since 1992. All of this is done by volunteers and individual contributors – people who are thankful for their blessings and want to provide a blessing to someone they will probably never see this side of heaven.

Sun Ovens Mission

For over 34 years Sun Ovens International, Inc. has helped
Thousands of Sun Ovens have been shipped to more than 126 countries around the globe. This is how we give back to those in need around the World.

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