This pet disaster checklist is provided by US Dept. Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

❑ Photocopied veterinary records
❑ Rabies certificate
❑ Vaccinations
❑ Medical summary
❑ Prescriptions for medications
❑ Most recent heartworm test result (dogs)
❑ Photocopied registration information (ex: proof of ownership or adoption records)
❑ Pet description(s) (ex: breed, sex, color, weight)
❑ Recent photographs for each of your pets
❑ Waterproof container for documents
❑ Microchip information
(ex: microchip number, name and number of the microchip company)
❑ Your contact information (phone numbers and addresses for your family and friends or relatives you may be staying with)

❑ 2-week supply of food for each animal stored in waterproof containers
❑ 2-week supply of water for each animal
❑ Non-spill food and water dishes
❑ Manual can opener
❑ Feeding instructions for each animal
❑ 2-week supply of any medications (if applicable)
❑ Medication instructions (if applicable)
❑ One month supply of flea, tick, and heartworm preventative

❑ Leash, collar with ID, and harness
❑ Toys
❑ Appropriate-sized pet carrier with bedding, blanket, or towel
❑ Pet first aid book and first aid kit
❑ Cleaning supplies for accidents (paper towels, plastic bags, disinfectant)

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Billie Nicholson, editor
December 2016

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