When the potty won’t flush?

When the electricity is off, most toilets on city water may work for a short while, but wells operated by an electric pump will not. So what happens when the potty won’t flush?

If the toilet still empties, you can use it but you will need to manually refill the holding tank after each flush to replace the water that just went down the stool. Carefully remove the tank cover (they are porcelain and can break if dropped) and fill the tank with a bucket or jug full of stored water. To conserve water, don’t flush with every urination. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down.”

If you have no water, use a 5 gallon bucket.  Line it with a heavy duty trash bag and toss in some kitty litter, sawdust or sand to absorb the liquid and the odor. A little baking soda will help control odor, too. You will need a toilet seat that can fit over the bucket. it will make sitting down much more comfortable. (Camping supply stores offer port-a-pots with chemical gels that absorb odors, and come complete with a seat.)

You do have extra toilet paper, or baby wipes right? If not now will be the time to pull out some old rags to use for wiping.

Use hand sanitizer or baby wipes on hands after each toilet trip. Dry hands to avoid chilling.

Between uses, keep the bucket lid tightly closed. This is the key to disease control!

Put some 3% hydrogen peroxide in a small spray bottle and some white distilled vinegar in another one. Spraying these two solutions one after the other will kill most all fecal bacteria on contaminated surfaces.

Replace the liner as needed. Always wear rubber gloves when disposing of human waste. Place it outside, away from your fresh water supply, until it can be disposed of safely.

Skip bathing unless absolutely necessary. Its a good way to get really cold.

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