Group classes

Do you lead or belong to a group that would benefit from preparedness lessons? Feel free to use our newsletter articles to teach from. In addition, Sun Ovens International, Inc. offers lessons in using solar energy to prepare food. We feature information on the benefits of using solar energy and directions on using the Sun Oven®.

These lessons are interactive/online presentations that group members can watch together or at home individually. You arrange the time with us and serve as a host. Guests login at a specific time for the presentation. They may submit questions and have them answered live. The lesson with 2 breaks for questions usually takes an hour. For those signed up but unable to attend, the lesson will be available on demand. We look forward to working with your group to expand their preparedness experiences. Call us at 800-408-7919 to schedule your group lesson.

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Also learn morea about Emergency Preparedness, Saving Energy, and Creating Delicious Meals
Using the Sun.

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