A History of Preparedness

Since 2011, my husband, Robert, and I have been working with a group of  Pensacola, FL  Pearl Harbor Survivors. They expressed a desire to return to Pearl Harbor to say “One Last Goodbye” to their comrades who had served and died during World War II, especially at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. A day that started out quiet and sunny until bombs began falling from the sky, turning that idyllic place into a burning, death-laden horror. The Pensacola community came together to provide funds for our Survivors, care-givers and a documentary team to return to Pearl Harbor. The 70th commemoration service allowed these heroes an opportunity to honor their fallen comrades and to visit the locations where each man was when the attack began.

During our conversations with the Survivors, they continued to warn us of the importance of being prepared – on every level, from our national military down to each individual. During World War II, everyone sacrificed to insure that world peace would be restored.

Awareness was the first lesson. “It is easy to just go through life day by day and not be aware of what is going on in the world,” said Cass Phillips, “pay attention.”

Work with honor. “Do the work that’s assigned to you with pride, to the best of your ability,” said Bill Braddock.

Take care of your family. Frank Emond said, “Plant a garden to help feed your family and keep the kids out of trouble. Teach them a trade and a hobby. Encourage them to help others. Life is more that just going to work every day.”

Get an education. “Growing sugar beets for a living was really hard work, but it taught us to get an education and find a job doing things you love,” chimed in Jake Gallowa.

Love your countrymen. “In the Navy, we all worked together to keep one another safe,” commented Jay Carraway. “We should always watch out for our neighbors and pray for protection of our active duty military. They are putting their lives on the line to protect us.”

Preparedness Reminders

During our research to complete the book “Pearl Harbor Honor Flight: One Last Goodbye,” we came across vintage war posters. They serve as reminders for us today: Plant a garden, don’t waste food, preserve food for later… Remember Pearl Harbor and Always Be Prepared. World War II veterans are our National Treasures. If you know one, thank him for his service to all of us. Ask him what preparedness means. Be ready to take notes.

Be Prepared

Billie Nicholson, Editor
December 2014
This month’s issue includes:
  • Preparing for a Pandemic ~ A pandemic is basically a global epidemic. Learn how to protect your family should a viral sickness begin to spread around the world.
  • Mama’s Last Gift ~ Who would expect 33 year old jelly to be any good? The jelly was firm and no crystallization or mold was apparent. A taste test confirmed the goodness within.
  • As you make your list and check it twice for holiday gifts, (even from-you-to-you gifts), check out our “Prepared Family Combo.”
  • Deer hunting season is a highlight of the winter months. Here is our favorite recipe made in the Sun Oven®. Served with warm Artisan bread, this makes a hearty meal in any weather.
  • Persimmons are a sweet and delicious fruit filled with vitamins and minerals. The Fuyu variety makes a nutritious persimmon leather.
  • Generosity during the holidays often includes contributions to food banks. Think about adding healthy items in your Food Bank Contribution.

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